1SE, Because We Are Too Damn Busy To Remember The Things We Did

Being a photographer (or videographer) is probably one of the most interesting professions out there. We get to experience so many things no one else can. We get unique access to shoot amazing people, events or places. Personally, I find it hard to remember all these things I do every day and tend to forget some pretty fantastic things. Exactly one year ago I found a great solution for that problem, an app that became the favorite thing on my phone - 1 Second Everyday.

'1 Second Everyday' (or in short '1SE') is an app developed by Cesar Kuriyama back in 2012. The idea is simple: have 1 second of video for each day of the year. It's basically a 365-day-project, but instead of spending time on taking creative photos, you just capture 1 second of what you did that day. I spend no more than 10 seconds a day on maintaining the app and my timeline. Low maintenance with great end result.

Now, one year after starting using this app, I have a video showing me so many of the things I did in 2013. So many experiences I would forget otherwise - not just work-related, but also anything from weekends with my family, meetups with friends or just random experiences from around the world.
It's easy to remember the 5-10 most important moments of the year, but there are so many small moments that can be easily forgotten after a while. In my 2013 video I have my friends weddings, family members having fun (or being annoyed by me), snippets of my trips and even the last time I met my friend who passed away the following month. So many small moments that I'm so happy I can now watch back and enjoy them.

The video above is my own 2013. I admit that I did't take it seriously in the first month or two, and missed a lot of days, but as you can see, the rest of the year is pretty much fully covered with content. The first 5 months were my last months working full-time for AOL, the last 6 months are the months I started freelancing full-time. It is interesting (at least to me) to see how my life changed mid-year. Something that would be hard to notice/see without having this app.

It really doesn't matter who you are or what you do - your life is interesting and your 1SE video will be epic no matter what. When watching 1SE videos it's amazing to see how each one of us is living different lives, even if we do similar things or live in similar places. Here are few examples of how people used their app to document their lives to prove the point.

Fstoppers own Tam Nguyen

Fstoppers own Douglas Sonders

Alyssa Berkovitz

Sam Cornwell


Molly Lewis

Mark Zimmerman

Short interview with Cesar Kuriyama about the idea behind the creation of the app and how it changed the way he looks at his life:

I want to thank Cesar and his team for being awesome and always there to take care of issues.

Can't wait to see all your videos in 2014. Happy new year!

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Anonymous's picture

Thanks for this app review. I like the idea!

Imperious Images's picture

Sweet idea. Great day to post it too. I'm sure their sales will spike today! I'm buying it.

Morgan Glassco's picture

Just went and bought the app. Started a 365 Day Selfie project in December, ill add this to the to-do list for 2014