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Turkish Artist Juxtaposes Photographs to Create Heartbreaking Social Commentary

Take a few seconds to think about the last few photographs you saw: a cat meme, an acquaintance on vacation, a gym selfie, someone's kid, someone's dog, an advertisement for a movie, or a burger, or a car – photos that help create and reinforce your social and cultural worldview. Turkish artist Uğur Gallen is using those ubiquitous photos to make an emotionally jarring point: the world you live in isn't the only world. The images shared are sensitive in nature, so viewer beware.

Why I Hate Taking My Camera on Vacation

"Are you going to bring your camera?" I get asked this question any time I travel, and it creates an internal struggle every time. Chances are that I've probably already asked myself before anyone else gets the chance and fought with myself over the answer. Why does something as simple as taking my camera on a trip cause such internal strife?