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iPhone 4S's Response To The Original Fstoppers iPhone Photoshoot

Columbus, Ohio based photographer Nick Fancher just released a video today of his version of the Lee Morris's original iPhone photoshoot. Not a dollar was spent on location, extra lenses, MUAs, models ... all was done for trade and was shot only with the iPhone 4S and a reflector. Nick used Snapseed and Adobe Photoshop Express in phone to edit all of his images. Enjoy!

299 Hours Of Guitar Making Condensed Into 3 Beautiful Minutes

Film makers Deep Green Sea follow guitar maker Vassilis Lazarides through the entire process of making one of his beautiful handcrafted classical guitars. A lot of wood, love, knowledge and 299 hours of work are condensed into this 3 minute film. Enjoy!

Skate Video "Altered Route" Leaves Me Speechless

Skater Kilian Martin sets new standards in the world of skateboarding. Mb! joined forces with Killian and filmmaker Brett Novak to create his newest video "Kilian Martin: Altered Route". Aside from the fact that Killian does things with a skateboard that I have never seen anyone else do ... ever, Brett captures each trick and angle perfectly. I especially love the way Brett juxtaposed the nostalgic clips from the water park back in it's heyday to it's current ghost-townly state. Enjoy!

How To Remove A Hiss And Hum From Your Video's Audio

Have you ever recorded a video with a cheap mic or maybe just with bad settings and got a hiss or faint high end distortion? What about a low pitched hum like the sound of an A/C unit or heavy traffic outside the window. Well have no fear, in this video the guys at VideoMaker show you some handy tips for correcting hisses and hums using high and low pass filters, notch filters and automated tasks. Enjoy!

Splitscreen Short Film Shot Entirely On A Nokia N8

Wow, I just ran across this short on Vimeo and was so impressed with the concept and execution of James W Griffiths' "Splitscreen: A Love Story". James shot the entire video on a Nokia N8 cell phone as the short was created for the Nokia Shorts Competition in 2011. "Splitscreen" won first place in the competition and was nominated for a vimeo award. The video quality isn't great, but they did a great job in putting it all together. Very cool stuff. Enjoy!

New York Photos From The 1960's

Ernst Haas is an Austrian photographer who began shooting color film in it's infancy. The photographs posted here were taken in New York state during the late 1950's and 1960's. Check out Ernst's website for a massive and downright impressive collection of film street photography and early Hollywood portraits. Enjoy!

[Video] Shutter Island Proves DSLRs Can Make Beautiful Films

Team Nine brings the greens, greys and sometimes blues of Iceland to you in the beautifully composed Shutter Ísland. Filmed with a Canon 7D, using a Sigma 30mm f/1.4 lens, the film short shows both the capabilities of DSLR HD video and the team’s eye for composition — proving one lens is all you need. For a photo-based tour, consider viewing Iwan Bigler’s Flickr set of photo stills here. I am already looking forward to their next trip. Great job Team Nine!

[Photos] Gaby Herbstein's Awe-Inspiring Sets Made From Garbage

Gaby Herbstein is a photographer from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Last year she created a calendar with beautiful and mysterious sets made from repurposed trash. Her end product is a collection of images that bring you back to a time before responsibility, where imagination reigns supreme ... you know, your youth. Also, check out a BTS video that is on her website (en Español). Enjoy!

[Video] Even Surf Videos Are Beautiful These Days

Matt Kleiner is currently directing RUSTY'S new signature film due out early next year. This short film is made up of just some of the "leftover" clips that the team filmed over a 4 day period while the light and surf was perfect. Man, I wish my leftover clips were this rad! Matt calls this surf short "LIGHT // The Natural Agent That Stimulates Sight". Enjoy!

[Photos] Adam Taylor Captures Captivating Landscapes

Adam Taylor is a very talented photographer that I have followed here and there for the past few years. His portfolio has really grown as he has created some fantastic work in his campaign portfolio. But what I really like is the mystery that he brings to the table in his landscape photography. I love the muted tones and dark feel of most of these images. Enjoy!

[Video] Timelapse Of A Day In Venice, Italy

Joerg Niggli created this timelapse video of Venice, which shows a day in this gorgeous Italian city, from sunrise to sunset. If you haven't yet traveled to Venice, this video is a cheaper alternative for you, so thank Joerg for saving you some cash! He used a Canon G10 to shoot the timelapses, and for editing he used After Effects and Final Cut Pro X. Enjoy!

[Photos] Street Fighter Photoshoot!

AhhhYUkin! Here is a great "blast from the past" set of Street Fighter photos from photographer Alexander Nerozya. He and his friends came together to create a pretty impressive collection of images that any gamer would be proud of. Open the post to see his full description of how he made the images, complete with BTS shots and video. Enjoy!

[Photos] Super Heroes Throughout History

Photographer Agan Harahap has created some rad photos of super heroes (and villians) appearing in historical photographs. Not sure what he did to create these, as I can't find much more on this guy other than his Flickr stream, but the photoshopping is great. Enjoy!

[Photos] Timing Is Everything: Animal Photography

Animal photography requires a great deal of time, patience, and let's just say it ... it takes a bit of luck. This post has some of the best examples of perfectly timed animal photos which seem like pure luck. Most of these shots are so incredible that if you blinked you would have missed it!

[Photos] Lauren Marsolier's Recomposed Landscapes

Lauren Marsolier uses all kinds of elements in pictures to assemble and reconstruct non-existent but yet familiar landscapes. There is much to be said and to be appreciated of pure composition. Lauren's photographs leave me with such a feeling of peace and calm through her balance of color, leading lines, geometry, texture and light. Simply put, these photos are truly art. Enjoy!

[Photos] Fun, Fresh Twist On The Same Old Wedding Pics

It's always a challenge finding new ways to shoot engagement and wedding portraits when it has been done SO many times. Here are some shots that break the mold and have ventured out of box. If you have some creative ways that you do your portraits and want to share them with the Fstoppers community, post your pics to the Fstoppers Facebook group. Enjoy!

[News] You Break It, You Bought It

Below is a selection from a New York Post article that I read earlier this week. At first I laughed at the reality of a photographer being so careless around an ancient piece of art. The laughing stopped pretty quickly though once i thought "What if I had done this and had a lawsuit hanging over my head".

[Video] "Out Of Tunes" Shot for Canon On The New C300

This short film, Out of Tunes, was commissioned by Canon for the launch of its new EOS C300 camera. Canon’s only criterion for creator Sébastien Devaud was that the video must not be tied to a certain time or place. Other than that, he was free to let his creativity run loose.

[Video] Brilliant Cinema Reel By Brain Farm

Digital cinema powerhouse, Brain Farm, released its new 2012 reel a few days ago online. As a photographer and someone who isn't heavily involved in video production, it's hard for me to get excited about video reels. But Brain Farm left me wanting more and more of their footage. I was in awe as I watched this reel. Kudos to the whole BF team, and I look forward to seeing you guys take over the world someday. Enjoy!

[Funny] Amazing Family Portrait Sessions

Quite often, aspiring photographers of the world turn to the almighty interwebs to find answers to "How to take photos of __________". Sometimes, the better question is "How NOT to take photos of __________". Here are some examples of how NOT to take portraits of families while you're in your basement home studio.