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Critique the Community Episode 6a: Un-posed Wedding Photographs

Last week, we asked the community to submit their un-posed wedding images to be critiqued here at Fstoppers. Unlike past episodes, we promised to give feedback to EVERY image that was correctly submitted. Thank you everyone for all for posting your pictures! We had a total of 49 images that we covered in two separate videos. If you don't see your image in today's video, stay tuned for tomorrow's post.

Critique the Community: Submit Your "Un-Posed" Wedding Photographs Now

Through September 13th, you have a chance to submit any un-posed wedding photos to be critiqued by the Fstoppers team in a new episode of "Critique the Community." What do I mean by un-posed? Your submissions need to be candid moments of people that you captured, detail shots, locations, or any other picture where you did not position or pose your subjects. This episode we promise to critique EVERY submission, even if it takes a few videos to do so. However, to qualify you must follow the submission rules below.

Intense Dedication Led to the Creation of This North American Timelapse

When Ronald Soethje sent me the details of his timelapse project that spans the North American continent, I was simultaneously jealous of his experience and completely impressed by the outcome. Ronald spent three years giving up his vacation time to shoot over 108,000 raw images. He slept in tents for weeks at a time and drove over 18,000 miles to capture dozens of locations. The outcome is nothing less than admirable.

Learn How to Create a Quick DIY Reflector to Improve Your Lighting Set Up

When it comes to shooting photography and video, reflectors fall into the "basic need" category. Whether you're dabbling in the craft for fun or shooting professionally, everyone should own and have a basic understanding of how to use a reflector. If you think standard reflectors are too expensive or just want a fun project check out this quick DIY video by J.P. Morgan from the Slanted Lens on making your own reflector out of bead foam.

Critique the Community: Submit your Landscape Photos to be Critiqued by Elia Locardi

Over the next two days, you have a chance to submit your landscape photos to be critiqued by Elia Locardi and Fstoppers in a new episode of "Critique the Community." Our last Critique the Community with Elia Locardi included some great thoughts and advice on improving your images. If you would like another chance to have your picture reviewed by Elia, upload your landscape image of choice to your Fstoppers account, then paste the URL of the image in the comments below.

Victoria - An Entire 140 minute Action Movie Shot in One Take

I'm not usually one to watch indie films or go to film festivals. However, when I watched the trailer for "Victoria" recently, I was blown away by the technical difficulty of what the production crew had accomplished. This Berlin made movie has now been featured in dozens of film festivals and has won some big awards. Why? All 140 minutes of action throughout the film were shot in a single take.

Cinetics Axis360 Review: A Flexible Option for Smooth Timelapse and Video

Ten years ago, time-lapse photography wasn't really a big thing. Fast forward to now, and it's everywhere. GoPros and point and shoot cameras come equipped with easy options and can be stuck on anything from panning egg timers to $6000+ time lapse rigs. In a market full of options, Cinetics Axis360 is forging a new niche that any photographer interested in the genre should take a look at.

Easy and Elegant Ring Shots in Under 3 Minutes

One essential part of almost every wedding day is the rings. Not only are the rings a symbol of a couple's love and commitment to one another, they also usually cost a good deal of money. Capturing an amazing picture of the rings can not only wow your clients, it also adds great value to your portfolio. The best part is, getting a fantastic ring shot can be simple and quick.

Group Shots - Sometimes You Should Leave Your Wide Angle in the Bag

When you think group shots, what lens immediately comes to your mind? Often, the initial reaction to a "group picture" is to reach for the widest lens in your bag. It's a safe option that makes sure you'll fit everyone in the frame. It could be said group shots are more about accounting for everyone who was present rather than being a work of art. However, if you care about the quality of images you're creating, maybe your widest option shouldn't be your default.