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'That One Time' Mike Mellia Took the Best Selfies Ever

I hate being in front of the camera, and I think many photographers feel the same way. So when I discovered Mike Mellia and found out that his Instagram account is almost 99% self-portraits, I was more than a little impressed. But wait! Many of his selfies are also cinemagraphs? I don't know how much more impressed I can get.

How to Create the Perfect Hero Shot in Broad Daylight

Pye Jirsa of Lin & Jersa Photography is back again with another great tip on how to make fantastic images in less than stellar light. Pye explained in his last video how to create golden hour without the sun, and in this new video, he shows how to take an awesome "hero shot" in harsh sunlight using a single strobe (and an elephant, but let's focus on the light here).

Intel Uses 100 Drones to Set a Beautiful World Record

We can all agree that there's nothing wrong with a little publicity stunt, as long as it's awesome, right? I think that Intel has achieved that with this video they released during their CES keynote last week in Las Vegas. It's pretty straightforward actually, just 100 drones flown simultaneously in the sky while performing a choreographed light routine as a live orchestra played Beethoven's 5th Symphony. Go big or go home, right?

Spoiler-Free Star Wars Portraits from Time Magazine

I have been unfailing in my anti-spoiler vigilance. I haven't watched previews, I haven't read articles, I haven't clicked links. A trailer came on during the finale of Fargo Monday night and I ran from the room with my hands over my ears. I'm taking this seriously. So it was with much trepidation that I finally clicked on this link I've been seeing around for Time Magazine's cover photos featuring the world-renowned R2-D2, and the king of the Weeble Wobbles BB-8.

"Instagram Hikers" Are They Helping or Hurting Our National Parks?

New York Magazine recently published a fascinating article on the apparent phenomenon of "Instagram Hikers." The piece looks into the recent surge in so-called "Instagram Hikers", described by the article as "the sorts of people who see a pretty photo on Instagram and want to go take their own picture in that spot," and the impact they are having on America's national parks.

FAA: Drone Owners Must Register by February 19, 2016

The FAA has been working on establishing rules and regulations for drone owners for several months, and today they have announced a mandatory registration law for drone operators that goes into effect on December 21 of this year. Starting on December 21, you will be to apply at the new FAA registration website.

Instagram Husbands - A PSA for the Men Behind the Photos

"Behind every cute girl on Instagram is a guy like me, and a brick wall." The latest video from the folks behind The Mystery Hour gives us a glimpse into the lives of the men who take the photos of the ladies of Instagram.

'Un Petit Tour Dans Paris' Is a Stop-Motion Love Story in the City of Light

French Filmmaker Maxime Baudin recently made this delightful short film in Paris that depicts a flirtatious couple. Baudin utilized stop-motion to make the film and describes it like this: "In a splendid and romantic Paris, while everything is going too fast, a young man rides a ‘bicycle.’ But his simple ride is going to take on a whole new dimension."

Shocking VTech Hack Gives Attacker Access to Thousands of Photos of Children

You may have seen an article several days ago detailing a hack into the servers of the children's toy company VTech. The hack gave attackers access to personal data for over 5 million parents and over 200,000 children. Motherboard has just posted an update to their story revealing that the hacker was also able to download over 190 GB of photos uploaded from thousands of children's camera-equipped tablets.

Six Photographers Shoot the Same Subject, but See a Different Person

Here's something pretty cool. Canon Australia has created a thing they call The Lab, described as "a series of experiments that are designed to take you out of your comfort zone, and get you thinking — and shooting — in a different way." Their first experiment, DECOY, involves having six photographers shoot the same man, but they are each told a different story about the actor's background.

I'm Part-Time, So Are You, and That's Okay

I have a confession, one that honestly seems to be a little taboo in this photographic world of “professional versus hobbyist” that we seem to have created. My confession is this: I am a part-time photographer. But there’s a good chance you are too, and that’s okay. We’re okay.

The Awesome Story Behind the Best Photo of One of the Greatest Jumps in History

David Davis is one of the top photography writers ever. He has an astonishing talent for telling the story behind some of the most memorable sports photos of our time, including the shot of Brandi Chastain ripping off her jersey after scoring the winning goal at the 1999 Women's World Cup, of Kathrine Switzer running the Boston Marathon, and "the Photo That Took Surfing Worldwide". He's back again with another riveting piece that tells the story of the photographer who photographed one of the greatest long jumps of all time.

Woman Arrested for Taking Instagram Photo on Metro Tracks

Enough already. I feel like the past year has been a repeating loop of the song "Nookie," where "nookie" is replaced with "Instagram" and Fred Durst is replaced with people who are somehow more stupid than Fred Durst. Internet points are not worth breaking the law or risking your life for; they just aren't. But try telling that to the woman who decided to do a handstand on the DC Metro tracks.

Fujifilm Announces New Instax Mini 70 Instant Camera

Fuji has just announced a new addition to their popular Instax camera line with the release of the new Instax Mini 70, promising an increase in image quality and a brand new "Selfie" mode.

Dirt Cheap Nikon D810s and D750s Are Back on eBay

I love great camera deals. Lee loves great camera deals. Casey is a big 'ol Debbie Downer about camera deals, but he lives in Seattle so he's required to be a contrarian. For those of you who also love camera deals, today is a great day because those killer prices on new Nikon D810s and D750s are back!

Want More Instagram Likes? Try Leaving the Filter at Home

We've all seen it and we've all judged it. Maybe you've even used it. You know what I'm talking about, the dreaded "#nofilter." It's all over in Instagram, to the tune of 135,251,455 posts at the time I wrote this sentence (and that number jumped by 20k after checking it again just a few minutes later). If you hate your life enough to actually click on this hashtag, you will be inundated with thousands, nay, MILLIONS of photos claiming to be filter-free when they are quite obviously everything but. Well I hate to break it to you, but the #nofilter crowd might just be onto something.

GoPro Releases New Trim and Share Features for Camera and App

These days, if you don't own a GoPro, you're pretty much a person that doesn't own a GoPro. But if you ARE a person that owns a GoPro, then get ready to enjoy some sweet new features that will make creating and sharing your content even easier.