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Embracing the End of the Seasons

Here in NJ we are lucky enough to have four seasons: Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer. Maybe I shouldn't say "lucky" because it would be nice to have warmer weather year-round but the seasons do make for taking great photos. Though it's the first week of spring, we were just slammed with another big snow-storm and hopefully the last.

2018 New York City Drone Film Festival Winners

This was my second year in a row going to the New York City Drone Film Festival and I have to say that I have yet to be disappointed. Year after year, they manage to find some of the best videos from a variety of different categories to share with the world. Without further ado, here are the winners from the NYCDFF:

Fstoppers' First Hands-On Look at the DJI Mavic Air

Today, Fstoppers was at the DJI Event in NYC where they announced the Mavic Air. After learning about this drone and seeing examples of photo and video it had produced, I knew that I had to get my hands on one of them to try out. As a current owner of a Mavic Pro, there is no doubt that I questioned whether or not I should get one of these drones. So I went and flew them around a bit and got a little taste of what's to come.

DJI Announces the Brand New Mavic Air

Most of us who know drones know that DJI is one of the leaders in the industry. Over the past few years, they have been making some of the best products for both professionals and consumers. With other companies like GoPro, Yuneec, and Autel trying to compete with some of DJI's main products, DJI is here to claim their place as the industry leader yet again.

Location Scouting: A Vital Step When It Comes to Creating

A few days ago I had the idea to shoot a new video. This project would involve three cars driving in a formation next to one another, which means location is key. Over the summer, I went to a spot next to a bridge to do some flying and thinking back to then, this would be an ideal spot to do this shoot. Without any planning, this idea would crumble which is why it is important to always scout these locations beforehand.

Flying Drones in Cold Weather: Always Better Safe Than Sorry

Every time I post a story on Instagram of me flying in the snow, I tend to get a couple of people reaching out to me with questions. “You can fly in the snow?” “Does the cold weather affect the drone?” “Is the drone waterproof?” and so on. When I first flew in the snow, I was definitely worried about how the drone would do up there, but after a few flights in it, I now know that I can trust it as long as I take the right steps while flying.

Is the Sony a7R III All That It Is Hyped Up to Be?

As a Nikon shooter myself, the stats on the Sony a7R III have my head turning. After watching Sony grow over the past few years and seeing how good their cameras are, I think it is safe to say that this new camera will not disappoint. Being that I mainly shoot photography, the “R” definitely calls my name and I think one of the biggest factors is the fact that this body can also shoot some pretty good video. These videos really have me thinking about what my next step could be when shopping for gear.

iPhone X Travel Test: The True Capability of a Phone on a Roadtrip

The iPhone seems to have become much more than a phone in the past few years. It is highly recognized for its sleek, simple design and its camera. During the past year alone, I have found myself using the iPhone's camera more and more for so many different things. In this video, four guys take the iPhone X and test out a bunch of different Moment products on it as they set out on a little venture to the Pacific Northwest.

Which DJI Drone Should You Buy for the Holidays? A DJI Buying Guide

With Christmas right around the corner, now is the perfect time to be buying gifts for family, friends, and significant others. As drones continue to become more and more popular, it shouldn’t be a surprise that these will be one of the hottest holiday gifts for anyone who is into photography and videography. With DJI being the leader in the drone industry, there are several drones on the market to choose from, but which one will suit as the best gift?