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Ty Poland
Mahwah, NJ

Articles written by Ty Poland

Sigma's New Art Lineup for Sony E Mount

A few years back I had heard about the Sigma Art lenses from my buddy Tom Harmon and when he started speaking really highly of the lens he had just got, I began to have some faith in them. After that, a lot of my photography buddy's and other sources started raving about the Sigma Art lenses and now here they are for the Sony E mount.

Embracing the End of the Seasons

Here in NJ we are lucky enough to have four seasons: Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer. Maybe I shouldn't say "lucky" because it would be nice to have warmer weather year-round but the seasons do make for taking great photos. Though it's the first week of spring, we were just slammed with another big snow-storm and hopefully the last.