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Why My Phone Has Become One of My Favorite Cameras

I used to always think that in order to take a good picture you needed a good camera. It never mattered how good these phone cameras were or how good they would get, I would always tell myself a photo from my camera is better. In the past few months, I've learned it's not and that the camera on my phone is the one that is always there when I need it. Though it may not be able to capture the photo exactly how I picture it, I am still able to use it to capture photos that are interesting to me without having to carry around an actual camera.

Some Intriguing Drone Movements: 24 Hours in Los Angeles

I saw the first minute of this video on Instagram and walked away from it thinking to myself, wow. The flying in this video was very good, the choice of lenses stood out, and it was filmed in some rather tough lighting conditions. I went back to the video on Instagram, found out who made it, and watched the full thing on Vimeo. While I was watching it again, I realized that this video was way different from what I had expected it to be. At first it began with straight forward camera movements along with flights through some tight spaces/buildings that would require a really good pilot. After a few clips of that, the movements began to get very unique and had me wondering what they were doing to achieve these looks.

Planning for a Photo and Still Shooting When Things Don't Go As Planned

The past few weeks I have been driving up the parkway here in New Jersey for work, my eye kept getting drawn towards this one specific railroad bridge between exit 136 and 137. Every time I passed by it, my eyes would follow it until I had to turn to see the road in front of me again. It was one of those things that I had to remember so I could go back and photograph it when the time came. Today was the day that I set out to photograph it, but before anything, I had to put a little bit of planning into it.

How Do You Know When it's Time to Upgrade Your Gear?

Ever since I was young, I was interested in photography and being able to create awesome things that I could appreciate. At first, gear wasn't something that really mattered to me, as long as I could take photos and video and somehow edit them to create what I envisioned. As time went on and I began to get more serious, I realized my gear was sort of important and I do think that having the best gear you need for the field you are in is one of the most beneficial things you can do for yourself. I know not everyone is a huge gear head and may not want to invest in new gear, but I will share some of my reasons for upgrading my gear to benefit my work.

'Dronie' The Ultimate Drone Selfie - Can This Be Topped?

A few weeks back I attended the 3rd annual New York City Drone Film Festival. I did write an article about the winners of it, but at the time could not find this video anywhere! The Dronie is essentially a selfie with a drone and in this case a video where that is being taken to the next level. I thought this was one of the more "odd" categories but was glad to see it was one of the winners. Florian Fischer is currently undefeated in this category for the NYC Drone Film Festival but will anybody be able to top his dronie at the next Film Festival?

Driving A Lot for Work? Track your Miles with Mile IQ

I never thought I would be in my car so much for work until I started doing photography as a job. As a real estate photographer in New Jersey, I am driving up to 300 miles a day from house to house and back home, shooting photos, videos, and aerials. Within the past six months, I have put just over 10,000 miles on my car and before that, I put 32,000 miles on a car that I was leasing for a year and a half. I was always told to track my miles so I could use that as a tax write off but I would never be sure exactly how far I traveled and I also thought that would be the most annoying thing ever...

Winners of the 2017 NYC Drone Film Festival

I attended the Third Annual NYC Drone Film Festival this year and I have to say I was beyond impressed with some of the work I saw. I expected a lot of cinematic, crazy drone filming type stuff, but I was glad to see that there were a bunch of categories for all kinds of different drone work that was submitted. From all this, I was inspired to keep going out there and creating the work I do and maybe even submitting something myself for next year. Here are the winners of each category, check them out and enjoy some of the work that went into all this filming!

Dreamland: The Coolest Bike Ad Out There

I came across this video while just browsing around and it ended up being one of those videos that just took me back. I'm a huge nerd when it comes to drones, but also a huge fan of some good drone work for photography and videography. I expected this video to just be a narrative/documentary about a mountain biker, when suddenly it turned into much more. Flying through the trees, up to the mountains, into caves, and out to the snow and ice; this video takes you on one big journey with the mountain biker himself.

The Added Effects of Audio in Video

A few weeks back, my business partner and I realized how sound can help pull a viewer further into a video. When we first began filming and making videos together, we never really understood the importance of audio and would just play videos to specific music. So one day, we set out to do a little test by filming parts of Asbury Park in New Jersey and then by throwing together a short edit with all sorts of sounds to create more of a moody video. While testing the audio, we were also testing some of the low-light capabilities of the DJI Inspire 2, X5S, 45mm Olympus lens and the Sony a7S II, which is known to be one of the best low-light cameras. By combining aerial clips, ground clips, and actual sounds of the locations, I think this video is much better than it would have been just to the sound of the music.

Improving Your Eye for Photography and Going out to Shoot

These past few days I have caught myself shooting a lot more than usual. When I am not working, I still get the urge to go out and shoot, whether I take out the drone, my Nikon, or the little Micro 4/3 camera. Recently, I have been shooting tons of aerial photography and I finally decided to ease off a bit and shoot with my Nikon some more; I’ve realized how much fun it is to just create awesome images with any camera. I think that getting out there and shooting whatever it is you want to shoot is something that drives you as a photographer and can really help improve your eye for photography in general.

Droning in the Snow: 'Alpine Adventures' Is Some Next Level Scenery

After browsing through Vimeo a bit, I was mesmerized by one of the aerial videos I saw. Owning and flying a drone for quite some time myself, I look to create unique aerial photography and smooth aerial video. One thing I have realized is how important location can be, and while being stuck in New Jersey and not traveling too far away, I think I have been abe to capture some pretty cool things around me. After watching this video that Joshua Cowan created, I am absolutely blown away by the content he has created from his trip to Europe. It is videos like this that inspire me to keep flying and looking for new things to create.

Picspotr: A New Online Business Management Database

A few weeks ago I was introduced to Picspotr, which is a place for photographers to keep track of everything from their finances to contracts, clients, packages, and more via computer and mobile device. Once I hopped on and signed up, I began to really like the way everything worked. I think that this is a great business management program for a lot of photographers out there, and it wouldn't be a bad idea to check out if you don't already use another program.

The New York City Drone Film Festival Is Only a Month Away

The third annual New York City Drone Film Festival will be held on March 17–19, 2017. The Festival will consist of aerial cinematography seminars, beginner/intermediate/master classes, Day of Drones at the Liberty Science Center, drone expos, flight demonstrations, drone building programs, FPV racing, and last but not least, a red carpet event and film screening.

Thump: A Trailer for Matty Brown's New Film that Will Make You Want to See More

I posted about Matt's work a while back, but during the past few months he has been working on creating and directing his new film, "Thump." The film is about a little boy who becomes more and more worried about how his heart may stop beating after watching his grandfather pass away from a heart attack. The idea alone is powerful, and after watching some of Matt's other work, I can see this film really being one of his best.

Battle of the Sensor Sizes: Phantom 4 Pro vs. Phantom 3 Pro

As most of us know, DJI came out with the Phantom 4 Pro a few months back and decided to add a few collision/infrared sensors to it along with putting a larger sensor inside of the actual camera itself with a mechanical shutter to allow for more control of the camera. After my buddy, Vin, got his Phantom 4 Pro, I realized this whole sensor size thing was no joke. I expected better quality when compared to the Phantom 3 Pro, but not this much. I decided to run a few tests comparing photos and video with the two drones going head to head.

A Few Reasons Why You Should Have Your Own Blog

The past couple of weeks I have challenged myself to keep up with my own personal blog on my website. I felt like this would be a good way to document my life and stories about photography so I decided to give it a go. Last year I wasn’t to fond of this whole idea but looking back, I feel like I was just being a bit lazy and making an excuse not to have one or keep up with one. Now however, that has changed and I encourage people to go out there and start their own blogs, or pick up on one they have already started.

How Good is DJI's Inspire 2?

The Inspire 2 came out a few months back and is a drone any aerial photographer would love to have because of it's portability, set up time, and overall quality compared to other high end drones on the market. I remember when this drone first came out and I was right by my computer to watch it be announced along with its little brother, the Phantom 4 Pro. I was blown away by the specs on the Inspire 2, however when both of these products came out, there was no video content to see aside from what DJI had produced because no one had access to these drones quite yet.