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Taking Apart a $10,000 Mirrorless Fuji Camera Damaged by Saltwater

LensRentals has shared a number of images of the inside of a Fuji camera after staff took it apart when it died without obvious explanation. The customer had used it underwater within dive housing, and despite appearing fine on the outside, LensRentals discovered that inside, there was evidence of saltwater damage.

Viral Video Shows Man Hanging Child off Cliff for Family Photo Opportunity

A clip has been doing the rounds across social media, showing a man hanging his toddler son off the edge of a cliff while another family member takes a photo. First posted to Chinese social media site Weibo, the man has since faced the wrath of the internet for his actions.

Photojournalist Blinded in One Eye While Reporting on Protests Is Suing the City of Minneapolis, Using Pictures She Took of Police as Evidence

During the protests in Minneapolis last month, photojournalist Linda Tirado was left blind in one eye after being hit by a foam bullet used by police. After initially making light of the situation, she has now decided to pursue legal action against the City of Minneapolis, and is citing the last images she took of police before she was shot at as evidence.