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Photographer Sets up Trail Cam, Discovers Bears, Deer, Bobcats Use His Log Bridge

A wildlife photographer based in Pennsylvania has set up a log bridge across a river, before installing a trail cam. Over the past couple of years since its installation, he has captured footage of a whole host of wild animals, including bears, beavers, deer, and a collection of birds, and now the resulting footage is doing the rounds on the internet.

Department of Justice Sides With Kentucky Photographer Who Refuses to Shoot Gay Weddings

A Kentucky-based photographer who refuses to photograph same-sex weddings is being backed in her legal battle by the Department of Justice, which says requiring her to do so would be “violat[ing] her sincerely held religious beliefs,” and “invades her First Amendment rights.” She is fighting against a Louisville ordinance that bans local businesses from discriminating against homosexual customers.

Testing out Nikon's New Autofocus With the 3.0 Firmware Update

The new firmware 3.0 update for the Nikon Z 6 and Z 7 has officially been released, and it seems the autofocus has undergone a huge upgrade. Here, one photographer reviews the enhanced AF tracking and the new subject-tracking.

New Anti-Drone Technology Can Fry Drones With a Laser Beam From Miles Away

With the commercialization of drones and their accessibility to the public, there has become an increased issue of the public piloting their (gear) into places uninvited. Who recalls the Gatwick Airport Christmas chaos? Now, an Israeli defense tech company has unveiled an “anti-drone solution” that uses laser beams to shoot down flying drones from miles in the distance.

Photographer Has Defamation Action Thrown Out by Court After Claiming Dispute Over Nude Shoot in a Castle Has Ruined His Business

Back in 2017, a story emerged in which a Scottish photographer entered into a nasty legal battle with The National Trust over “artistic nudes” he shot inside one of their castles. Fast-forward a little over two years, and the photographer has now learned his defamation action has failed in seeking the £50,000 he says he’s owed after he claims the drama saw a 50% drop in bookings for the photography courses he runs.

Survey of Wedding Photographers Shows Taking Pictures Accounts for Only 4% of Their Time

Stats from an annual survey conducted with over 300 professional wedding photographers have seemingly revealed that as little as 4% of their business time is spent taking photos. Pressing the shutter button is eclipsed by tasks such as emailing and organizing ahead of the big day, culling pictures, editing and retouching, as well as other business administration.