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Jack Alexander
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Articles written by Jack Alexander

Hotel Chain Attempts to Trick Photographer Into Granting Rights to Use, Sell and License His Images

A photographer is warning others after an encounter with a Hilton-owned hotel recently, which saw the company try to deceptively obtain the rights to use his images freely, including to sell. The company tried to entice him to allow them to "share" the image, but the fine print revealed it would allow the hotel to use the images for profit any way they wished.

Banksy's Photographer of 11 Years Is Posting Photos of the Graffiti Artist's Work and Recalling How They Got Away With It All

Banksy’s official photographer for a period of 11 years has revealed many of the trials and tribulations the pair faced while the infamous graffiti artist spray-painted his works around the globe. Also working as his agent for a time, he says it was his responsibility to see that Banksy was never arrested. “We were lawless and did just what we wanted,” he says.