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Facebook Bans Renowned Colorist, Deems World War II Photos 'Dangerous'

After numerous suspensions of her social media accounts, a renowned photo colorist fears she will be permanently blocked from Facebook and Instagram. She says she is hesitant to continue posting new work after the social platforms previously threatened to ban her for posting colorized images of Nazi leaders.

Boris Johnson's Disgraced Right-Hand Man Criticizes UK Paparazzi for Breaking Social Distancing Rules While Reporting

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Chief Adviser has been facing heat this week after he was caught repeatedly flouting lockdown. However, even more criticism has been heaped on the UK’s press, after several videos emerged of huge swarms of paparazzi photographers defying social distancing guidelines after they clustered together, each attempting to get the best shot.

Man Pushes Photographer Into Lake in Unprovoked Attack, Damages $3,000 of Gear

Video footage shows the moment an unprovoked man decides to push a photographer into a nearby pond, injuring her and submerging her $3,000 worth of gear into the water. The clip sees members of the public rally around to support the woman, while the attacker tries to downplay his actions.

Marine Biologist Captures 'Sea Angels' Deep in the Ocean

A marine biologist and underwater photographer from Russia is showcasing some of the most colorful – literally – creatures he has discovered in the depths of the sea. He has now also spoken of the extreme conditions and freezing cold nights that one must suffer through in order to capture such beings.

This Photographer Brings Together Total Strangers Who Look Like Twins

We’re all said to have a doppelganger — someone who looks just like us. And that has never been apparent more so than in this photo series. One photographer tasked himself with taking portraits of people from all around the world who look not only related, but near-identical to each other.

Director of Netflix Hit 'Extraction' Strapped Himself to Hood of Car for Chase Scene

Netflix’s "Extraction" has just become the most watched Netflix original film, with 90 million viewers over its first four-week period, which means director Sam Hargrave’s efforts paid off. In this newly released video, we see footage of how Hargrave straped himself to a car in order to film an epic one-take car chase scene.

Photo Series Shows How the Media Can Manipulate Reality Using Different Lenses

This photo series reveals how easily it is for the media to manipulate perspective with different lenses, in particular when reporting on social distancing during the current pandemic. By placing images side-by-side, the pictures show how, with the right angles, people respecting the rules can be made to appear as if huddled together.