Fstoppers Gear Reviews

Fstoppers Reviews Palette Gear's Compatibility With Capture One

For a number of years, Palette Gear's Control Surface has been at the literal fingertips for users, enhancing workflows within Adobe's CC, Final Cut Pro X, to name a few. After years of waiting, Palette now offers full functionality with Capture One. Check out the integration after the jump.

Wotancraft Ryker Bag Gets a Little Leica-Centric Brother: A Review

By now you are likely no stranger to Wotancraft and their incredibly delicious camera bags. We've reviewed a slew of them here on Fstoppers over the past few years, and I was not shy about remarking that their flagship Ryker is one of my favorite shoulder bags of all time.

Fstoppers Reviews the Trapcode Suite 15 From Red Giant

As a freelancer, I find myself taking on different roles in both production and post. I can do some modest animations, but any major work, I outsource to an animator. With plugins like the Trapcode Suite though, even a simpleton like me can make some eye-catching graphics.

Fstoppers Reviews the NBP ColourmapX Photoshop Panel

Color has always been one of the most important elements of my work. The NBP ColourmapX Photoshop panel came just in time for me as I have been doing this work by hand and the panel both saves me time as well as improves the quality of my color analyzing.

Atomos Ninja V Review: What No One Else Is Talking About

If you’ve ever had trouble viewing your camera’s LCD screen on a sunny day, or if you’ve ever missed critical focus on a video shoot, then you’ll want to read this. Even if you have previously thought an external monitor recorder was unnecessary in the past, you may be in for a surprise.

Fstoppers Reviews the WANDRD HEXAD 45L Duffel Bag

In every photographer’s ongoing search for the perfect bag, until recently it seemed there was a gaping hole: a 45-liter bag suitable as hand luggage on short-haul flights, offering the possibility to combine camera gear with a few days’ worth of clothes. The HEXAD Access Duffel from WANDRD fills that gap and does an incredibly good job of it.

Fstoppers Reviews The ONA Prince Street Leather Messenger Bag

When it comes to bags and backpacks, ONA isn't known for making anything cheap. Their premium bags have caught the attention of many photographers, myself included. I was very pleased when ONA sent me The Prince Street to review because aside from a few minor issues, this is without a doubt the best messenger bag I've ever used.

Refined Power: Fstoppers Reviews the 2018 12.9-Inch Apple iPad Pro

When I reviewed the iPad Pro last year, I was impressed by its power, beautiful screen, battery life, and portability. The 2018 version of the device takes what Apple had last year and refines it further, introducing new features and improvements. Check out our review of the newest iPad Pro.

Fstoppers Reviews the Tether Tools Case Relay System

From time-lapse photography to video, many photographers need more battery power than their camera system can adequately hold on board. Whether it’s due to weight of the system creating three-axis time-lapse, the size of the camera with a grip, or the need for uninterrupted shooting, there is an answer for those looking to create images and video: the Case Relay from Tether Tools.

Adobe Rush Video Editing: Is It Any Good?

I spent a Sunday in Paris with a friend, Jason Boone, who's made a video about Adobe Rush and what makes it such a good video editing tool. It has been presented as being easy, syncs over Adobe Creative Cloud and has a lot built in to make you a more productive editor. This video shows whether that's true.

Fstoppers Reviews the Sigma 20mm f/1.4 Art for Sony E

Continuing on my reviews of the Sigma Art line which is becoming slowly available for native Sony E mount, today I'm going over my thoughts on the 20mm f/1.4 Art in that native E mount.