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The Perfect Entry to Off-Camera Flash? The Godox AD100Pro Reviewed

Godox’s line of flashes, including the incredibly popular AD200 and V1, have become a mainstay of the on and off-camera lighting market. They’ve become so popular, in part, thanks to the surprising value and feature set offered at each price point. As a result, the AD100Pro, a new addition to the line, has quite the legacy to live up to. Has it earned a place in photographer’s bags?

A Swiss Army Knife for Migrating Your Catalogs: Fstoppers Reviews Avalanche

Avalanche for Mac is an interesting product for Mac photographers, and it has one function: to get your images out of one application catalog into another. With all the changes in photo applications, it's easy to switch to something that seems more useful, but often, the catalogs don't come along with your move. As catalogs embed more and more editing metadata, it gets even harder.

How To Create Realistic Long Exposures in Photoshop

Long exposure photography is a staple of the craft and a right of passage for beginners, but if you have some photos or a time-lapse that wasn't a long exposure and you think it might have looked good as one, look no further.

Is the Nikon Z 7II One of the Best Values for Your Money?

Having previously spent a few months with the 24-megapixel Nikon Z 6II, today, we move to its bigger brother, and I will begin a series of essays on Nikon’s latest high-resolution entry into the mirrorless camera market, the new Nikon Z 7II.

Fstoppers Review the Monogram Creative Console

Photographers use their computers a lot. I'd say 50% of the time spent working as a photographer or creative professional would be done on a computer. What if that could change into a more enjoyable experience, where you exchange your keyboard, which was designed for typing, for a console. Enter Monogram’s Creative Console Studio.

Landscape Photography With a Skydio 2 Drone

I've been an avid landscape photographer for many years, and I've been a drone flyer for almost 4 years. I liked the idea of getting landscape shots from angles I simply couldn't get to from the ground. Living in Arizona, there's a lot of opportunities to get some lovely images from the air.

Fstoppers Reviews the Nikon Z 6II, Is It Worth the Upgrade?

For the first time in history, Nikon released a camera that carries the mark II addition in its name. It is indeed the same camera as the mark I, but with a lot of improvements. I reviewed the Nikon Z 6II to find out if it is worth the upgrade.

Fstoppers Reviews the Canon RF 85mm f/2 Macro IS STM Lens

Canon released an amazing 85mm lens. It is small, light, and perfect for portraits. It is also a macro lens, making it very versatile, especially for a wedding photographer. Canon Netherlands provided this lens for an extensive review.

Three Months With the Nikon Z 6II, Part Two of Three: Chasing Birds and Wildlife

Today, we jump into part two of my three-part series on my experience shooting for the past three months with the new Nikon Z 6II mirrorless camera. In part one, we went over ergonomics and first impressions, while in today’s episode, we will take the camera out into the field to visit the wildlife.

Is Photo Mechanic Plus a Lightroom Killer? An In-Depth Fstoppers Review Part 1: Importing Photos

Lightroom totally dominates the realm of digital asset management (DAM) — a solution to everything, it fits the mold of most photographic workflows. However, the bitter pill to swallow can be the treacle-like performance and that monthly subscription (something I've touched upon before). Photo Mechanic, renowned for its blisteringly fast performance, offers a new solution. Is it a Lightroom killer?