Portfolio Advice From A Getty Professional

Harry How is a sports photographer without any prior photography training. With hard work, determination, and a pressing urge to create images that hold up against his peers' photographs, Harry now has a career shooting for Getty Images. In this video Harry explains in detail what it takes to make the transition from hobbyist to full time professional and outlines his gear and little tips throughout his own transition into a sports photographer. If you enjoy this type of candid interview, be sure to check out videos 2 and 3 below for more detailed information about shooting sports.

Part 2

Part 3

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I think it gives good insight into how a pro approaches his gear. It's a tools in a toolbox mentality; if it doesn't have a purpose it doesn't go in the bag. In the case of a sports shooter I suppose that's a result of self-preservation, as they carry all their stuff all the time. I always feel sorry for the photographers I see at golf tournaments, shuffling along and putting pack mules and Sherpa to shame. They must hate the basketball guys, sitting on a little cushion in an air-conditioned arena, eye-level with the cheerleaders' best assets all night long.

As for specifics from the videos, one tip I think is a really great idea is keeping backups of his custom functions on spare cards.

I also think it's fantastic that the only thing he has with Nikon on it is his little junk bag :P

I assume that wide angle was a 16-35mm f/2.8L

I think he meant 70-200mm and the 2nd one looked like the 17-40mm but that's not a 2.8 lens, so maybe it was the 16-35mm 2.8. weird.

80-200 and 17-35 are both 2.8 lenses that are now discontinued so I'm pretty sure he got his gear right.

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He tells you the lenses he uses around 4 mins...unless you are referring to one of the other videos

...and the 28-70 is actually the 24-70 f/2.8

Nevermind, ignore me. I didn't realize that Canon used to make a 28-70.

Really cool set of videos though.

It's interesting he is using jpeg instead of raw, when nowadays almost every pro photographer recommends raw.

Well, a lot of professionals such as Patrick and Lee recommend RAW, but you can still utilize jpeg, if there is minimal post-editing involved or if you are on tight deadlines, or tethering images through your ipad.

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@Albert where have you been? Lee and I are jpeg shooters :)

I think he really meant 70-200.. the 80-200 is a black lens..
I suppose he is shooting jpeg as he is taking thousands of pictures in a single game.. faster processing and smaller size images.