Your Head Could Come Off Being A SpeedHunters' Photographer is an online blog dedicated to the international auto and racing community. They have have a pretty amazing staff of photographers over there. After watching this behind the scenes video they have me wanting to out to the speedway. I love Jonathan's quote, "You can be artistic as a photographer, but...all that is, is really just trying to take a different shot which is risky because it can go all wrong." I know we have all felt that way before yet we keep trying to push the envelope. Check out more work by Jonathan Moore, Linhberge, and Mike Garrett, and head over the SpeedHunters if you enjoy auto photography; Linhberge's stuff is sick!

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DeffectX's picture

these guys are amazing i have been following this blog (speedhunters) for some time now and man the photos they took are the most beauty-full i have seen for cars, in fact i discover fstopers trying learn about photography to be like these guys specially linbergh. CHEERS! nice post.

Patrick Hall's picture

We need to get Linbergh to give us some pointers on how he creates his photos. I think some of our readers would like that?

Guillermo Martínez Z's picture

ill love that! I work on a little magazine in my country (El Salvador) and that will be a great contribution :)

Tim's picture

those guys are awesome, when it comes to automotive photography those guys and the blog they have made are the best i know of.

I love the documentary style of this. I've always imagined how worried they get when cars come flying past them, but I guess they have a bit of the same daredevil in them as the guy behind the wheel.

M's picture

Wow, just breathtaking post, great choice guys.

I'll look forward to checking out their site weekly now :P.