Andreas Yannelos Destroys A Guitar To Get The Shot

Andreas Yannelos just threw his new video up on our forum and I thought it deserved a little time on our front page. Enjoy a quick look at his last photoshoot and then head over to his site and try to figure out Swedish.

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Anyonw knows that stuff he set's off to create smoke? It can come in usefull!!!

Nice find as always!

Awesome! Looked like he had alot of fun and some great pictures.

I'm also curious what was used for the smoke, they seem very effective and yet particularly portable!

Thanks Simon & Laurian!

The smoke is used for checking out chimneys, they are called ventilax.

Check out the flickr with some of the photos:

BR /Andreas

ending was hilarious!

For that awesome ambient light, his pictures just straight up suck!

Thanks for the great tip on the smoke effect.
Something I'd like to try sometime.

A lot of different shots from that. I love the one of him throwing the broken guitar aside. And the ending was hilarious. How did you get the background to drop out to black? Was that Photoshop?

Sometimes I thought: "Wow, video looks better than the pictures!" ;-)
At 2:15 in video I really wondered why you didn't change position to do some back light / against-the-light shots.
Nevertheless: great job! :-)