Annie Leibovitz: Life Through a Lens

Annie Leibovitz: Life Through a Lens traces the arc of Annie's photographic life, her aspirations to artistry and the trajectory of her career. The film depicts the various phases that shaped her life including childhood, the tumultuous sixties, her transition from Rolling Stone to Vanity Fair magazine and later her most significant personal relationships including motherhood.

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I purchased this DVD... great documentary.

Joshua Maurer's picture

Great Documentary, first I was like "Pretentious" but wow she's awesome.

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When the subject is arguably the best photographer in the world a little pretentiousness is allowed :)

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Great series. Thanks for posting.'s picture

Yeah I too have the dvd. I watch it from time to time to get some inspiration. I like the way she's all about the models, and as soon as her camera stops working, she hands it over to her assistant. But I guess that's allright since she's proven that she knows her stuff with old analog camera's, and I imagine at that age that a brand new hasselblad seems a bit complicated.

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Awesome look in to the life and mind of a great! Thanks for posting!

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I've got this DVD also..... great work...

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I didn't realize they posted this online, saw it on Netflix and it's a definite must-see for any photographer!

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Ya I didn't realize it either but someone just sent me the link. It's been on Youtube for 3 years now.

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Pretentious, but at least she can back it up.

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She is a true inspiration to my work. Her simple lighting and execution is fantastic. She is not locked to one brand of camera either. You will also frequently see her shooting with one L grade zoom lens and no others. What this shows is that a photographer in her zone really doesn't focus too much on lens and bodies, heck she hand holds most of her shots if not all. Of all the many behind the scenes videos of her's that I want, I have never seen her on a tripod.

She is dynamite.


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My uncle was the art director on the Rolling Stone Magazine during that time. I don't know if it was the same time Annie was working there - I'll have to ask him.