Annie Leibovitz photographs Keith Richards

I'm a big fan of Annie Leibovitz's photography (who isn't), and a few weeks ago I was admiring this photograph she did of Keith Richards for Louis Vuitton. I was really happy when I found a short behind the scenes video of it via Strobist even though the quality is really poor. Click the post to view the final image and hopefully you can see how relatively simple this photoshoot was in lighting. It's the overall production and attention to detail that really makes this image so awesome.

annie leibovitz keith richards

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Corey Grusden's picture

With what seems as such low production that can yield high results is amazing. Love this one, thanks dudes.

GregD's picture

Amazing considering she is using one strobe and what looks like a Photek Softlighter.

GregD's picture

I should have clicked through before saying anything, it is just a softlighter.

Gnolomweb's picture

I would like to see a before PP shot and also the model of camera and the exif data to this photo.

This shot is all post processing and camera, the photographer just was lucky to get a good subject.

I'm unimpressed.

Daniel Valente's picture

I love how she can get away with mixed lighting and WB all over the place :-) I do like the feel, as always. Very very nice work.

66 street's picture

This is typical AL. Overproduced. Has "our founder" written all over it. Does backflips in the effort to suck up to the subject. Looks like an ad for a high priced elder care facility for the terminally spaced. Now I understand why Tony Soprano's mom threw a fit about going to one. But granted, the brand suits the photo well.

66 street's picture

MORE The contrast between the photo and the video of the shoot is
striking. KR is relaxed, available and above all a musician in the vid. Almost any still from the vid would have been a much more charming shot that the funereal result. But the product as it now is and as presented is funereal. Excellent material for bootlegging but otherwise a real Oldsmobile. Clearly the client here is neither KR nor the product. Its the dullards at Louis V who are paying the freight.