Dave Hill Takes You INSIDE His Photographs 3D Style

We have featured a lot of Dave Hill's unbelievable photoshoots here on Fstoppers. So when I saw his Adventure Series posted over at Strobist I thought it was an older video. Oh how I was wrong....way wrong! In his latest video, Dave Hill places his composite images into an After Effects type environment and lets you see every layer and all it's photoshopped glory. The video outlines all 11 images so it's a bit long but you will probably still find yourself watching all of them in wonder. This video was also a great reminder that Dave is to work making behind the scenes videos so you will probably see a lot more of him in the near future. What do you guys think? What is your favorite image from this series?

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Keith Bradshaw's picture

Incredible video.

Patrick Hall's picture

Ha yeah, thanks for telling me to watch it Keith!

Jeffrey Castillo's picture

Great post!! Its all bout shooting in the same perspective. 

Jeffrey Castillo's picture

this should be the next Fstoppers contest!!  

Herr Falch Svinar's picture

Where does he get all the extras like fish, mountains etc? Stock photos?

Golgo Thirteen's picture

And this is why Dave Hill is one of the most COPIED photographers out there. He has an unmistakable style that many MANY photographers have tried to copy using those awful actions and Lucas Art filters. This man is constantly being chased by copy-cat photographers and retouchers, and yet he has stayed a few steps ahead. This lates work of his is pretty cool. I don't see the need in it, but the execution is pretty good. I have seen this done better but not cut out and spun around like this. He put a ton of work into this.

Dave Hill is still at the top of his game.

Anonymous's picture

Very cool and creative. Looks like he might of taken the original images and then broken them down into sections for 3D  Photoshop Postcard layers then animated the prospective. So separate your subject and backgrounds into different layers and play with the 3D function of Photoshop and hopefully after 3 sleepless days you have something close to Mr. Hill's work. What's interesting is that the original Hill photos seen here are are all heavily composited-  I wonder if some of the shots were already broken up during the original shoot and the whole thing was planned from the beginning  or an wonderful after thought. 

Nick West's picture

Eric, each plate is almost definitely a separate image which Dave has comped together to make the final scene. I seem to remember that in his BTS video for this particular shoot most of these elements were shot in a swimming pool. Also the '3D' effect will have been done in After Effects as it is pretty simple to bring in a layered PSD and then move through each layer with a virtual camera.

Paras Universal's picture

Does anybody have a video tutorial for this... I'd love to try it. Don't know After Effects that well so the tute would help a lot.

Billy Bonaros's picture

http://rockwaved.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d4xqsmq i made this ... :P not video but it is something :P