Detailed Lighting Setup For An Amazing Western Shoot

Jay P. Morgan seems to be releasing one great BTSV after another. I have enjoyed them all but I must admit that this one is by far my favorite. At his last workshop, Jay used a 5D Mark II and 4 studio strobes to professionally light his western themed set. If you don't have all of the studio gear yet, keep in mind that it is possible to light scenes like these with much smaller and cheaper speedlights as well (like the SB-900 or 580EX), just keep in mind that they will not be as powerful as a studio system.

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Jeremy Lusk's picture

Very impressive setup, crazy amount of production that went into this. I'm not keen on the hard light on the spectators in the background because of the unnatural shadows it creates. But that's just me being an armchair photographer :P

Jeremy, I might agree with you but I have actually see shadows like that from harsh reflections in windows across the street. Just playing devils advocate ;)

Great shoots just don't like the shadow of from the guys at the balcony. for me kind ruins the amazing photo.

And also i can see what you mean Lee but nowadays we got glass building than glass was poor quality and almost "everything" was wood not that reflexive lol sry my english

This is really good to see the behind the scenes if this shoot. I would say that as much effort went into the BTS as the photography it self. The set up is amazing, Thanks for sharing.

Simon Fuller Cameraman

I would have to agree with you about the hard light on the left. When I cropped this for my Portfolio I cropped it out on the right side. I liked it tighter on the 2 cowboys. I just posted the cropped image on my blog.

Loved this BTS, it made me want to try a western style shoot. ;) Thanks Jay P.