Great Photos Taken With A Long Exposure And Sparklers

Von Wong, a photographer who has been featured on Fstoppers many times already, has created yet another great BTSV. In this edition Von Wong uses a long exposure and some sparklers to create some really killer images. We have all probably taken long exposures of sparklers but with a little creativity, you can create a real portfolio piece with anything.

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Garrett Graham's picture

these behind the scenes videos are frustrating when they don't show more of the results )-:

Von Wong's picture

Actually, there were only two shots that I actually thought were good enough to bother editing with. When I shoot for portfolio purposes, there's not really any reason to edit those that are mediocre :) 

Wasn't this video posted before? I definitely saw it before and I'm pretty sure I saw it on this website.. this is awkward :) 

Can you find it? I looked but I don't see it posted here

Von Wong's picture

Ouu thanks for the post, I didn't even know I was featured! 

Actually it was featured on diyphotography - I've searched it like a maniac all over the place. 
My bad guys - sorry for my wrong assumption. You are doing a great job here on fstoppers - love it, great source of inspiration, appreciate it a lot!! :)

Louis Rumball's picture

Cool, totally not what i would have expected, would love to have a link to more of the results?

Von Wong's picture

Sorry but there aren't anymore. The two are on:


Even if you had posted it before, it's still worth another look.  You guys have the awesomest (is that a word?lol) content!!

Patrick Hall's picture

it's "awesomeliest" but we understand what you meant :)

Von Wong's picture

It was posted on DIYP, maybe you guys got mixed up :) ! 

Murray Falk's picture

OK, so what happens when you do that?

I have been doing this for years.
But I need to know the answer.
Extended Exposure shots work great, but the background where the actor was shows up on the actors skin. (of course) i normally try not to expose behind them at all.
He did, no background. How in the?

Von Wong's picture

I had to do some photoshop cleaning on some brighter parts where the exposures overlapped :) 

Incredible work sir!

Benjamin and Eva make some of the best BTS videos, not only are they fun to watch but educational and easy to follow! 

Von Wong blowin it up! good work (sad there are only 2 keepers though, lol ... thats nuts)

great. what is the name of the song that plays in the background? :D

That's "Scary monsters and nice spirits" with Skrillex.

Where can i found the video again? It says it's private. Thanks