Joe McNally Explains Softbox Grids and How To Gel Your Flash

Adorama TV has been mixing up their youtube channel lately, and this week features the TTL acrobatics of Joe McNally. Joe walks you through a typical street portrait as he accentuates the natural ambient light with a single speedlight gelled red. The more useful tip Joe gives is how to control the spill of your large softlight with an "egg crate" or softbox grid. I'm still shocked he pulled this shot off using only the Nikon D800 pop up flash acting as commander.

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Lawrence Moy Hing's picture

Joe never fails to deliver. Short, informative, and to the point.

Pixyst's picture

Don't be shocked by what those pop-up flashes can do. They are amazing when it comes to triggering speedlights - I have used that technique extensively. Using an SB as master will give you an advantage in tricky situations, but I have found that in 99% of shooting situations with speed lights  both indoors and outdoors, they work wonderfully.

very informative sir. 

Richard Melanson's picture

Listen to the thank you from the driver @ 3:20...