Peter Hurley Photographs Chaske Spencer of Twilight

Our good friend Peter Hurley has been tearing up Twitter the last few days which can only mean one thing: He's done something pretty exciting! Peter loves to film his own videos on his Flip HD camera while in the middle of his shoots so the footage is always a bit spontaneous. Check out this short clip of Peter as he shoots Twilight megastar Chaske Spencer in his studio and on top of his roof. If you watch closely you may even see the Empire State Building a half a dozen times :) Check out the final images over at Peter's blog and if you haven't watched our Fstoppers Original on Peter check it out here.

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Rabe's picture

I like Peter a lot!

Dave's picture

Very cool, does make you wonder how many beers they had before the shot though?

matej štefanac's picture

peter has to be high on this shoot :)

Jaron Schneider's picture

He's super stoked. Love the enthusiasm!

Aaron's picture

Hah, he sounds/looks kinda drunk :P

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alex's picture

lol...that was so not professional

Lee Morris's picture

Peter isn't drunk but at this point Peter could show up to a shoot wasted and his clients wouldn't care because they would still trust that he was going to get the shot. It's the same thing as Terry Richardson showing up with a $20 film camera to a fashion magazine cover shoot.

Peter simply brings a lot of energy to the shoot and making your client feel like a rockstar is THE most professional thing you could do.

Imagine if tomorrow Chaske Spencer went to another photographer and he got great shots as well but he acted "professional" who is Chaske going to remember and come back to?

Inge Naning's picture

Total nonsense video. The suckiest and most useless, non informative crap I've seen here ever.

August Young's picture

Peter u crack me up!
I just moved to NYC to pursue fashion from LA do you guys ever meet up for drinks?

Kris's picture

I agree. Fun + Getting awesome shots beats cliche professionalism and awesome shots. It's all about personality, and selling YOURSELF, and your product in this business.

On another note... I need a softlighter like... yesterday. lol. I've been making sweet love to my Elinchrom Deep Octa. I want to try the low profile Softlighter.

Richard Flores's picture

Awesome video!
Peter is awesome!!

chris's picture

Love your site but you need to make it Ipad friendly:-) Cant see the video except on my desktop.

Patrick Hall's picture

Sorry Chris but we have tried everything we can to make it as ipad/iphone friendly. Unfortunately some of the videos posted on the web are still flash based and the only way to watch them is on desktop. Blame Apple :)

ckBren's picture

I didnt know you could run an Acute 2 with a vagabond.


Jerrit Pruyn's picture

Peter I can come hold your flip for you.

khappucino's picture

this is great, it's nice to see people having fun while doing this.

ardean's picture

great vid guys! This is my first time seeing his work and I love it! So inspired, as I happen to be pursuing a career in headshot and portrait work. And totally think this is WAY informative. Ya, we all know the technical side of photography, but when it comes down to it, doesn't matter how much gear you have, you HAVE to know how to connect with your subject to be able to pull out the pictures you need - and Peter does that awesomely!

Marcus's picture

I agree def a lot of fun!! I have been trying to get a vagabond for months they are not selling them right now anyone know how to get one?

Dafydd Owen's picture

Rather OTT. Nice to know the lighting kit/setup etc - but the rest is just them calling each other "awesome".

Shawn's picture

Don't discount that helps.

Zak Shelhamer's picture

its a double complete rainbow! Rad looks like he is having fun!

Peter Hurley's picture

Thanks for the comments on it guys! I'll take the good and the bad. For those wondering about whether or not I was intoxicated, I'd say you just haven't seen me in action enough! This was fairly standard energy for me, although working with Chaske did fire me up a notch.

dirk james's picture

whooohhhh... DOUBLE RAINBOW!!!

John's picture

I'd like to know what they smoked