[Video] How To Shoot Moving Images Of An Audi R8 GT

There are a ton of car photographers out there but very few of them are this good. Lee Howell just sent me his newest portfolio shoot that involved shooting a new Audi R8 GT in a soon to be opened tunnel. Lee got his hands on one of the craziest car rigs I have ever seen and walks us through the basics of his production. With a little bit of post work, the images become world class shots. Head over to Lee's website to get more info and pictures.

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ridiculously awesome!!  What a way to work:-).

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One more inspirational work to look after. Small timers like me have zero access to such stuff but its still awesome to see what the Pros Do.

Sexy time! Love the R8....umm are those the stock wheels? I don't think so. ewww gross. The rest of this vid is top notch and gewd!

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A rig made out of glass.....already heard about it, first time I see it!!

wow, nice work!

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Super! I love this kind of shoots. It has all the right ingredients: Beautiful car, Special location, Awsome gear and a Nice result!

Very cool! Scott Kelby managed a similar set of shots with a much smaller rig (i.e. accessible to the rest of us) here: https://plus.google.com/photos/105256156026694816333/albums#photos/10525...

I like Scott's work but that shot looks rough

This was fantastic. Would have loved to see more video of the car actually rolling at speed, assuming that it was a bit higher than what I saw (unless I forgot). Also, I really would have liked to see the steps taken in post. But really interesting none-the-less.

Hi Mark, Sorry but that was as fast the car went during the whole shoot. If you visit Mark's Website http://cornellison.net/ he has 3 of the images on there with a before and after comparison. 

Probably the best video I've seen on here. Great BTS shots, and a staggeringly good final product. I'm pretty jealous they got to play with all that fun stuff at once, empty tunnel, super car, crazy photo kit... it's enough to make a strong man weep!

Cheers Jeremy, yeah it was a pretty cool day ! 

Actually Vic Park Tunnel was already open at the time of this post. Just went through it today : ) 

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Absolutely amazing. Final images were of the highest degree in terms of car photography. 


Saw this on a secret facebook group ;) 
But I really love the crisp clean editing. And having a massive rig where you can really get some distance on the car must be nice as well. Audi is close to my heart as I work mostly with its close brother, Lamborghini. 


Great BTS. Stunning images. The photographer, crew, and retoucher, along with Canon and Audi should be proud of the results.