Amazingly In-Depth Video Tutorial on Product Lighting

So today we have for you a remarkably in depth lighting tutorial from Mr. Karl Taylor. In this video Karl breaks down this high end product shoot step by step, in exquisite detail. Starting from the finalized setup, he walks you through each element of the shot, taking each away to demonstrate it's purpose. Giving you the "behind the camera" perspective, he then rebuilds the set, again explaining the process to achieve the final image. I don't believe I have seen a finer, more complete lighting tutorial. Now, I'm not a product photographer, but I even got a little something out of this video. Particularly the use of two strips behind the "Trace" at different distances; Brilliant! This is definitely not a video to miss.

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Really enjoyed that! Had a look at his training courses as well and they seem fairly reasonably priced for the pro set. 8 hours for £340 (or $560). Seems about in line with other training stuff.

Yes Mike, believe me it is worth every cent/penny!!! I am a photographer myself, but still a big fan of Karl Taylor and have some of his videos. Exactly a week ago I have attended ShootLDN and had the rare opportunity to watch the above video live...Karl managed to do it for 30min, which normally takes hours in studio conditions!!! He has been a commercial product photographer for many years and has the ability to make the simplest object from our every days life interesting via the lightning setup (in some cases quite basic)

Truly amazing tutorial!!! Just seen it live last week at was great!!!

Very cool video.

Love Karl Taylor's videos and I am contemplating to buy his "Advertising, Product and Still Life" DVD. He is defintely a league above people like McNally, Hobby, Arias and Kelby. Which are of course still awesome. Do you guys know other producers of videos of this (pro) level?

What the hell F-Stoppers? I came here for posts with cats and you give me this crap? I actually learned something from this, now i feel terrible and want to go try it out. Seriously, if you're not gonna post about cats I and actually give me terrible things like this that make me want to go buy strip lights and a phase one back I might just have to stop coming to this site. but on a serious note, awesome tutorial, thanks for sharing.


Come now. Simply replace those bottles with cats. What is the matter with you?...

I know, you just can't get people to stick to standards these days...

My thoughts entirely!! Cats. Yeah gimme cats! I wish I'd stuck to photographing cats! But oh no, I go and agree to photographing some nice shiny eggs!! OK, time to knuckle down and learn the right way to do it...

Really good tutorial... (but i cry when people put ice in good whiskey.. and loath the perpetration of the idea)

It's plastic cubes for the looks.

I know...

Whiskey needs a hint of water in my opinion... and a BIG glass of whiskey with a ball of ice... just right :D

The amount of water depends on the particular whiskey. No ice ever.. Cold dulls the flavors and aromas of good spirits.

Nice and entertaining on a druling evening inside

Wow! On of the best free tutorials I ever seen! Thanks for sharing it!

I appreciate my Uni studio teachers even more now, I learnt this type of setup in my second year. The pros of having teachers that where also working photographers of 20+ years in the industry.

That was actually awesome, in depth and truly worthy of being called a BTS video.

I've learned to shoot glass myself, and what a great pain it can be...
In saying that, this was an excellent little addition to the knowledge base I already have.
It's really nice to see posts like THIS.
The real time moving of the lights was excellent too... not that F-Stoppers is responsible for these things, but it's nice to see something meaty other than just a filler article that has little to no use value for the sake of posting regularly.
I'd be happy with more sparse posting and more material like this.

I love this guy. With that accent tho you'd think maybe you should buy his videos, or he'll kick your arse...

Truly awesome, would love to see such detailed tutorials here and as a learner I am not really interested in Why the Bride Texts During Wedding Ceremony. Keep posting more of these!!

Somebody who really knows what they are talking about for a change! Brilliant stuff, more Karl Taylor tutorials please.

He's got a lot of good stuff on his channel. I've learned a lot from him.

I wanted to see how the broncolor para would be used in a product photo :-)

On of the best tutorials i've ever seen!

holy crap thats the best lighting tutorial I've ever seen in my life! please give more of this!!

Karl Taylor has been around for quite some time. All of his videos are great. I wish that I had the cash to fork out for them. You can find more of his tutorials on youtube.

Come on Karl!!!! I bought your DVDs @$500 in past, and one contents in that was basically the same as this FREE video. I will never ever buy a goods from you Karl. Really disappointed.