Behind the Scenes Video: eCommerce Shoot for Skreened

Skreened is an eCommerce company that specializes in on-demand screen printing. Shirts are their biggest sellers. Since each shirt design is unique, they needed a library of images with models in blank tees so they could overlay the latest designs in post. When they approached me to shoot for them, their main request was that these portraits be fun and energetic.

I am, by nature, an introvert. However, I have realized that if I am visibly awkward or uncomfortable, my subject will mirror the discomfort. So I have learned to push through it when I am working. But it goes with saying that when I am tasked with creating fun, natural portraits in a studio (where almost no happy accidents can occur), I am flexing every social muscle in my body to make it through the shoot.

I put together a short little BTSV of the shoot. I brought a Flip video camera to the shoot and instructed the models to use it throughout the day, shooting whatever they wanted. Though the quality of the footage isn't great, it captures the mood of the day. Though we began the day as strangers, we left as friends.

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Andrew Griswold's picture

Thats awesome man, I would have never known you were an introvert from the way I see your work, seems you always get the model or subject to work well with what your trying to accomplish. Maybe next time I am out in Dayton I'll shoot over and buy you a beer. What do you say? If you don't drink, maybe an apple juice?

Sounds good to me. I'm in Columbus though.

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Hell, I'll eat the extra few miles to meet up with one of my favorite photographers right now. Haha

ISO 640!? 

Is that shocking?

Roman Kazmierczak's picture

higher ISO allows your flashes to work longer and recycle faster. Lower power on speedlight has shorter flash duration and freezes movement better. ISO 640 is actually ISO 800 over exposed by 1/3EV and compensated inside camera which gives you less noise than "correctly" exposed picture.
End noise in modern cameras is really no issue anyway.

White paper background, high key, light it right. Very cool. Thanks for posting on FB.

can you write anything about the lighting please ? digging the high key look ..

Did you see the lighting diagram at the end of the video?

Roman Kazmierczak's picture

I think the girl with curly hair brought the most energy to the shoot. Cool pictures. I love how you can feel "the energy" and these guys really look like they've known each other for years.

I agree about Destiny. I didn't know it until mid-shoot but she was on America's Next Top Model season 19.