[BTS Video] Lady Gaga Poses Naked for Vanity Fair

I've always been a huge fan of Annie Leibovitz's work. I hear she's one of the hardest photographers to work for - as it probably should be. She can make even Lady Gaga, Queen of Eccentric, look elegant for Vanity Fair's January 2012 issue. While this video doesn't explain much about her lighting technique or how she achieved each photograph, watching Annie behind the scenes is always a treat. Most of her lighting situations in this video are very simple using only a Photek Umbrella and a diffusion cloth attached to it.

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thats so nuts seeing her strut around nyc with annie leibovitz in tow. insane

The light on the hotdog stand and the moment there was just incredible. That seemed so surreal and fake but from what you see in the video, it seems like they were just working with the situation.

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AMAZING! OMG. The hotdog stand scene was WOW

You don't have to like her music, but you have to admit that woman is so very incredibly talented on so many different levels it's not funny. I really get a kick out of her escapades!  Great to see her team up like this with other outstanding creative pros.

Interesting even Leibovitz shows the model the preview on camera.

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yeah man, you have to...

"Why am I smiling??!!??"  Because Annie Leibovitz is taking your photo... that's why!  Awesome behind the scene.  I am a big fan of Leibovitz's work... 

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She's actually quite beautiful when she's not wearing all that weird shit.....

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Your link goes to the 36" Softlighter, but I believe Annie uses the 60" with extra diffusion: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/75852-REG/Photek_SL_6000_Umbrella_...

Um, the video says that it is private and you can only see it if invited. Did something change?

Yeah, i have a Vimeo account, and it is saying it is private. I can't view it....

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me three!!

Great video...I love how simple she keeps it. Mixing ambient with flash is my favorite.
QUESTION: What's that SPRAY CAN they use as a SMOKE/FOG MACHINE at 0:35s?
Is it just compressed water or a special FX Spray? If anybody knows I'd be interested. Thanks.

And we can see Lady Gaga doing that "pushing the chin out" thing  Peter Hurley was talking about in a recent video...

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Anthony Kurtz, that spray can is "Fantasy FX" canned haze. It's manufactured by CITC. ( www.citcfx.com

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It honestly just made me detest her attitude when she went into the laundromat. I mean, regardless of whether or not you get an ironically beautiful photograph out of it, she just comes off as this spoiled elitist strutting around a working person's area wearing million dollar dresses. Kind of makes me want to dress her in a paper sack and cardboard and put her in an fortune 500 investors ball.

Lady Gaga naked? Sorry but she grosses me out...

But you still clicked the link here... Did you even watch the video? That's about 2 seconds of it. You'll survive.

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Lady Gaga, Annie Leibowitz and Vogue America are all so washed up.

There is so much fresh undiscovered talent in fashion photography right now, it's really a shame that Vogue chooses to hire the same 5 photographers over and over again. Fashion is/should be about constantly breaking down what was popular and building something new and groundbreaking. That is impossible to do if you have the same group of photographers shooting the same handful of celebrities over and over.

Annie Liebowitz and her army of photo assistants and huge production budgets represents the old-school status quo of photography. Things have evolved so much over the past decade. Time to move forward.

Wonder why she used her Canon not her Hassy?