[BTS Video] This Short Film Will Blow Your Mind

Shot with the Red MX Camera, director Andrew Huang created this incredible short film about the gaps between people and the way those gaps are filled. Solipsist is the antithesis of human connection. This video had me glued as the models swayed back and forth in a Yin & Yang fashion, often times co-creating each other. Andrew's inspiration comes from interests in fashion and Balinese costumes, the Muppets, Buddhist sand paintings, and fungal growths, making this film is his most ambitious film yet. The shoot took place in no time, however, because each shot was taken on a green screen background, he spent almost 9 months editing and putting the images all together. See how this film was made in the behind the scenes video below.

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Loved the film. Kinda like a bright and colorful version of a Tool video. 

Just watched this again with schism playing in the background!! m/

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The kinda film that makes you go, "WTF did I just watch?"

Exactly my reaction.  Cool, but WTF.

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 Yeah, a lot of it was pretty creepy, especially the first part with those sound affects that accompanied the vines growing. Interesting but very abstract.

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awesome but how in the world does someone get a commission on this. I would love to see the pitch and the look on the faces who sponsored it.

I am always amazed at the creativity of the human mind.  This is what sets us apart from the animals as well as sets the West apart from the rest of the world.

Your ignorance amazes me. 
Wonderful video thought. 

I was ignorant at one time till I spent some time reading art/music history.  Fascinating stuff when you look into it!

 The "West"? Highly derogatory on an "open forum".

When one looks/studies art and music from the 'west' vs other cultures/societies it is amazing to see how the art forms have evolved (de-volved in some cases!) compared to other areas of the world.  I am NOT saying others are not creative ....they are!

I just re-read what I posted above, and can see the error in the statement.  I will edit it now.

Tom Coles is right he did not say anything derogatory at all. gosh.


Alejandro Jodorowsky will be proud to see.


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Sorry but i see no difference to the phenomenon of 20º century popular film industry.
Contentless FX films.

very cool, but it creeped me right out :/

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I understand the hard work and creativity behind it yet
I found it extremely long and boring !

Creative and original but I imagine that someone on heavy drugs would have a blast watching this :P

Cool but where is the story?