[Contest Entry] Behind The Scenes Of A Mitsubishi 311RS Commercial

We just received a very interesting contest entry from Viet Q. Mac, a recent graduate from the University of California, Santa Cruz. His buddy from Film Matters contacted him about an upcoming video production involving the 311RS and a couple Red Epics. Viet decided that this would be the perfect opportunity to create something for our BTS Contest. Although this video leaves many questions unanswered it is a beautiful look at a production of this size. To check out all of the contest entries as they come in you can keep an eye on our forum.

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Yeah first comment!!! 
That is an awesome video. Definitely one of my favorite cars!

One of my favourite entries so far!

They could have done a lot more with this. This was more gear-porn than it was a behind the scenes with educational property. Its cool to see all the gear, but there was a fantastic opportunity here. Here you had a lot of talent, I mean, the helicopter used in part to shoot Art of Flight. Regardless of if there was a lot of action content in Art of Flight, the cinematography was incredible and there was an opportunity to hear how they plan, monitor, control, etc, all of the equipment just for the helicopter alone. There was more here of showing them shooting then how and why they shoot things.

It was good looking gear porn, but... I thought it needed more actual content.

Yes, it was a little challenging to shoot the behind the scenes with out interfering and taking up time from the main production...  Also, the guys with the helicopter didn't really want to disclose too much info about there helicopter, because they are still developing their helicopters. 
It was a little difficult to pick apart each scene and have them describe the set-up since there were so many different scenes.

And it was really exciting and almost overwhelming since that was my biggest production I have seen or been a part of. I did my best to try to keep the 11 minute video exciting. Hope you guys enjoyed it though! There will be many more projects to come!

Thats understandable. For what I call "just gear porn" it was a nice looking product, and it seems like you did well with what the situation you had was. Good work.

Why the Copterkidsllc has been fly those things for a long time now?  Unless these guys are using something very unique other than an RC electric copter with a servo mount and a down link, they can show off their copters all they want. Even the company I own are getting ready to purchase these. Oh and where the heck can we see the final video? I wants ta see itzzzzz.

Yea, they are working on a few other things for the helicopter that some of the other companies dont have yet... But im sure its going to be awesome and ill definitely try to do a video of just their helicopter when they are ready! 
As for the final video, im hoping it will be out early next month, there will be a release party for it in LA along with the car. We just filmed this about a month ago, so they are still in post production. 

No they are not. That helicopter kit didn't even have a fake plastic pilot and flames on the nose piece. RELEASE PARTY? NOW THAT'S THE BEHIND THE SCENES FOOTAGE YOU NEED.

It had better be like this too or I'ma call Xhibit and have him unPIMP that Mistsubishi Evo.


HATED that dub-step. That makes me want to shake a baby. Ugly cars too. I would like to see the final footage before I call it good or bad but that music was completely weak sauce and everyone puts that stuff in their highlight footage and its not hot.

you though that dub step was bad....haha shake a baby, heres a video that you made me think of: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2cXDgFwE13g

ohhhhhhhhhhhhh dope video you just linked on me. Why did I just watch it twice in a row and now I'm about to facebook this vid. Well played my good man........well played.

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Viet's ass hahahahahaha

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Boring ... ZZzZzzz

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This makes me want to play Grid.

AS interesting it was, it not mind blowing :) Little people was more instructive but it always surprise me that people who shoot with Red are participating into this contest :) hehe

Beautiful video. Having a Red Epic on one of those helicopters at max transmission range would've scared the bejesus out of me though lol

I think it was really well shot and the post is great. Having said that it lacks something that makes people want to watch it again. Goes to show: creatives no longer want to see how cool the gear is and how many different angles you can shoot at. We want to know about CONCEPTS & CHALLENGES, THE REAL BEHIND THE SCENES. How do to things on the cheap. I have yet to complete a real BTS so please give me all the crap you want because you actually went out and did it and got featured. Good for you.

Can knot wait to see final version!!

It was a really interesting behind the scenes video, but I don't think I learned anything from it.

perhaps a different way of learning.... You get to see how they got certain shots (from the helicopter, back of the truck, and various set ups... I would have never thought of how they were able to get some of the shot that they got without being there.) I definitely learned some things from being there, thats of-course because I dont have a background in film and being there gave me a better understanding.

so what did i learn from this ????? ......................................................nothing



My team just shot a super rare Lamborghini Blancpain (only 12 every made) but I would've loved to work with gear like that. The red epic + rc helicopter is by far the coolest part. Anyone know where I can find a video of the finished product?