EA Sports NCAA Football 12 Cover Shoot

EA Sports NCAA Football photoshootEA Sports has been allowing fans to vote for the cover of their newest installment in the college football series NCAA Football 12. For the contest, they filmed four short behind the scenes videos from each player's photoshoot which can all be found below. The photoshoots consist of two primary setups: hall of fame style portraits and on the field action shots. Each portrait was created with a gridded beauty dish and a hard background light while the action shots were lit with a huge octabank, some stripboxes, and a bunch of white v-flats acting as both gobos and reflectors. I'm not sure that the final images are online yet since the contest just wrapped up, but you can see a lot of them on photographer Tim Mantoani's site. My vote goes to Mark Ingram; roll tide roll!

Mark Ingram

DeMarco Murray's Shoot

Jake Locker

Nick Fairley

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The only one who had a fantastic season was Fairley, so I think he should get it. But that's besides the point. That sounds like a lot of lights for a simple shoot.

Patrick Hall's picture

I think at most it's 3 or 4 lights for the action shots. When you are faced with shooting a potential game cover for one of the largest Brands in video games it seems pretty modest to me :)

where is pictures showing, after ? ....