How To Suspend Your Model From Wires In The Studio

In the video below Jay P. Morgan shows us the setup for his latest sports image. Using a special body harness, the goalie is able to move in a very realistic way without the potential for injury. As always, Jay does a fantastic job of also breaking down his lighting scheme.

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Peter Durk's picture

Hahaha! great ending again. The video itself was very informative as well. I like the way you recap all the components to see how the end image is created.
Thanks a lot.

Von Wong's picture

Very neat! Particularly love the ending haha.

Any clues where to purchase a harness like that or what they're called? I have a climbing harness but it has too much "material" and causes a big pain in the butt when we reach the photoshop stage!


Sam Adian's picture

@von wong: you need a "working harness" (from singing rock for example), they have mountingpoints on both sides ->

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Simon's picture

Not so happy ending... but so funny !

I love these tutorials from Jay P. Morgan. Always short, always instructive, never boring. Keep up the good work Mr. Morgan !

Jay P.'s picture

I rented the harness that you see in the video from a place in Hollywood called Sweeney. The people there are a bit tough to work with but have great stuff. Here is the web page.
The page is tough to navigate. The working harness is a great option. There are climbing harnesses out there that are more streamline. I cut off all the extra stuff like the loops and then tape over everything like the buckles to condense the fabric. Good luck!

Von Wong's picture

Thanks Sam!

Looks like there's no alternative to only have a waist belt eh? Not quite a fan of the leg straps because they take up a lot of "skin space" !

Vladimir Stoyanov's picture

Von - I guess the leg straps could be cut off, but I am not sure about the balance of the model after that... I'll try it in few weeks. :)

Sam Adian's picture

cutting of the leg straps would make it unstable like hell, unless you are using it for nude or lingerie shoots i would rather cut some small holes in the clothing on both sides, just for the attachment rings and wear the harness underneath the clothing!