Jesse Rosten Uses iPad Studio Lighting

Jesse Rosten got his hands on $4500 worth of iPads and decided to do a photoshoot with them. You may be thinking that this is totally pointless and for stills I might have to agree that this is overkill but a single iPad could be used to add softlight to extremely low lit scenes; something a small strobe could never do. An iPad can also change color temperature to match the ambient light around it. I see this being used more for video that stills anyway. Don't believe me? Well you can buy this light panel for $500 and I'll stick to my iPad.

iPad Photoshoot from Jesse Rosten on Vimeo.

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Aww, I at least expected him to network them together and write a cool app so that he could change the light colour from his iPhone or something.

Need to direct more traffic to your portfolio? There's an App for that...

Since when does photography have to conform to anyone's lumens/cost expectations?

I thought it was funny. I liked it as a funny video. I turned to my wife and said... so... I need an iPad.. she looked at me, laughed, and said.. no.
~ This video must have been a joke. The photog must have been playing around. Because no one could possibly think this is actually a good option compared to all the good lighting out there.
Fun stuff! :D

This is what I exactly thought. Check iMoodlight app for iPad what I made. I am planning to add more functionalities such as more setting and remote function. Let's me know if you are interested in talking more.

I think Cory got busted playing Angry Birds!! ;-)

cool vid..and while it does glamourize the iPad it also shows how one of these could be used when other lighting isn't possible a closet or a small area where flash and tripods just aren't practical.