Joseph Anthony Baker Photographs Taylor Swift

Some musicians release a new album with a mediocre CD booklet or no booklet at all. But when country star Taylor Swift releases an album she sets out to create photographs that depict her songs in cinematic fashion. Taylor and Nashville musician photographer Joseph Anthony Baker work together to create very stylized sets which are often as tongue-in-cheek as some of the lyrical content in her songs. Shooting these sort of fantasy images requires a lot of art direction and a mastery of set design and elaborate lighting so you can imagine the results are truly amazing! Click the full post for part 2 of the series (part 3 requires a comcast login) and head over to Taylor's website to see the final images.

Part 2:

Part 3 (requires a Comcast Account)
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JJ Casas's picture

Looks like the 1st video of the series has been taken down and for me, the 2nd video is not loading correctly[?] I wish there was some high-res photos of the final images as they look amazing from the thumbnails alone!

John King's picture

Part 2 took almost 5 minutes to load, but eventually played. I think you can watch part 3 here without a Comcast worked for me:

Jkoehler's picture

Just the ad loads..

Lee Morris's picture

still plays for me

Lee Morris's picture

In the middle of the video it shut off. I'll throw another post up since this doesn't seem to work.

David's picture

the videos didn't load for me, but the ad at the start was actually amazing hahaha xD

Jonathon Harrington's picture

I've been waiting for 15min but nothing other than an All State commercial played.

Speaking of All State, does anyone know if there was a behind the scenes video or does anyone know who shot the all state commercial with the tilt/shift lens look. Reminds me of several Vincent Laforet shots. Wondering if it was him that shot it.