Kesler Tran Builds A Set Out In The Desert

One video that crossed our desk the other day was by Los Angeles photographer Kesler Tran. His use of pretty simple lighting in a very remote location really creates for some great photographs. A lot of you will really appreciate the extra effort Kesler takes to build a simple two sided mini studio wall out in the desert. It is this sort of thinking that can really add that extra special something when working with models on location where the horizon is very straight and simple. You can easily turn a glam type shot into something much more powerful and more fashionable. It also does not hurt when you are working with French model Nadege Dabrowski either :)

I have been trying to contact Kesler to give us some insight into his thoughts and creative process during this photoshoot. So Kesler, if you are out there, send us some simple information about the gear you are using, what you were shooting for, and how you planned out this amazing photoshoot.

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Just wanted to share a little insight on this shoot coming from the makeup artist. This shoot was an FUN & AMAZING shoot because of the group of talented individuals. I think a big part of this is because of the team. When you have a great group the shoot turns out GREAT and FUN!!!
The Makeup on her was very light and natural. We went with the natural look due to overall styling. We wanted Nadege to still look like her and not look overdone or for the makeup to take away from the overall look. Basically using colors that made her skin look amazing. Some products used in this shoot were Embroylisse Mositurizer, MAC eye shadows, Cinema Secrets foundation, and Smashbox Primer. That is just to name a few. Look out for more videos and pics to come. You can also check out more work of mine on or my website:

Hope you enjoy this video...


It's a really cool video, I missed more footage about the technique or lighting but it gives us an idea of how was the shoot, thanks for sharing!

Are these AB800 or AB1600 ??

Nice photoshoot, Not sure why those doors were used but nice capture, extremely beautiful model. Great job!

Nice addition to the site. Love the setup shots, and the result shots at the end.

Ghislain, given the amount of ambient light, and the 1/250 or slower sync speed, my educated guess is B1600.

I'm the one who shot the video.. it was an amazing day! Great light and nice clouds and an amazing crew! yes, those were Alien Bee 1600s

Hi, I'm the photographer.

Couldn't ask for a better day. Early summer with clouds. Use of strobes was because of the overcast, otherwise 100% natural light was the original plan.

All in all, worked out pretty nice :)

Whos playing that song and whats it called? I really like it!

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The song is Shove It by Santogold. Pick up her debut album, it's one of the best disks I listened to last year. Every song is unique and I can't wait for her followup

Thank You C",) I've got a new Fave!