More Videos Of Pro Photogs Shooting With Cheap Gear

Yes, it has been done to death but everyone loves to see it so we will keep posting it. Digital Rev TV has been doing a series called the "Cheap Camera Challenge" and so far they have created 3 videos with 3 different photographers shooting on 3 different cheap cameras.

Here is an example of the complete opposite; amateur photographer with a pro camera.

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I just love watching the skinny Asian host with the booming deep voice and English accent. For some reason I love watching and listening to that guy.

They have done a couple of these it's like a series within a series really cool.

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Brimming with creative play and sheer fun.

Would love to see the same guiding logic applied to... locales. As in WHERE someone shoots. Rather than palms and sand on the shores of the Maldives, a banana tree and sparkling pool water at a local hotel.


Hasselblad Masters Finalist is the person not the camera.

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Great ideas, and he's right about the photographer being the one creating the image not the camera. I have used flashlights in the past, as in this shot. It was taken in a parking lot, with the model inside the car and being lit with one simple cheap LED flashlight, but it got the job done in the cramped quarters of the car.

Canon strap on a Nikon? Is he an embarrassed Nikon shooter?

He also uses Nikon straps when he's using a Canon, he does this in every Canon/Nikon video.

Nice to see DigitalRev land in on Fstoppers :)

No Kai hates canon cameras and does that as a joke, but he also did paint 2 nikons pink. Digital Rev is soo funny.

And that noob photographer Garcia actually took some good shots with the D3s so sometimes all you need to have is a little bit of an eye and you can bang off a few good shots. I guess it helped that she is also a model.

camera is just a tool...

now that is my quote of the day :)


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Hi themsquaredgroup, I don't think Kai hates Canon camera's, some (if not all) of his other episodes with Canon cameras, they all are on Nikon straps. It's just one of his trademark :-) For those who have just discovered DigitalRev, please go through some of the old episodes for some LOL moments. My personal favourite is when he accidentally dropped a 300mm L glass and decided to make a mug out of it! For charity of course. His dry British humour and tongue in cheek statements are what kept me coming back for more!

These cheap camera gear videos never get old..

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what type of torch does Eric Wong use in the video?

Surefire, very easy to find that online

does anyone have a link to Eric Wong's portfolio?

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Amazing series, great post guys. Very insightful and I think it complimented the 2nd iPhone shoot very well.