The Most Detailed Video On Beauty Dish Lighting I've Seen

I've seen a lot of videos that attempt to explain why you would use a beauty dish over a softbox but I've always had a hard time understanding the subtleties. Jay P Morgan created a video that not only explains everything in great detail, but he also shows 3 lighting examples with each type of dish configuration. If you have always wondered about the magic of the beauty dish, all your questions will now be answered.

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Von Wong's picture

Neat, my Paul C Buff BD isn't as versatile as yours.

I would have been curious to see the difference between a dish and a small umbrella/small softbox though, It would seem to me that by shooting with the BD from such a far distance the concentric 3d lighting would be lost over the distance.

Great job :)

Yea i was wondering the same thing. once you get past the 3 feet or so it becomes a hard light source again.

The only difference i saw was the shadow on the background. most often you're not really using BD as key for Full body... Inverse Square effect and all that jazz lol

also Beauty Dish as Edge Light?

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weird - I couldn't find The Slanted Lens on FB.

Here is a direct link to the facebook page.

@Adam, Thanks for the link. I couldn't find it either.

The vid compares different kinds of beautydish setups, but unfortunately not beautydish to softbox.
Zack Arias' is pretty good though - watched it live.

Was tempted to get a beauty dish (yes I'm a grear freak 0 but hey I enjoy it so why not) but then follows Mr Arias' suggestion - master what you have before getting something new.

Thanks for sharing this. I really enjoyed seeing the different grids applied to the beauty dish.