Philippe Kerlo Shoots Beauty Shots Through Plexiglass and Paint

Philippe Kerlo is a really creative beauty and fine art photographer based out of Paris France. Some people are dubbing his work as "extreme glamour" which might be a fitting title. I was recently turned onto his work by one of our readers when they sent us this video of him shooting beauty portraits through plexiglass covered with paint, acrylic, wax, and other colored materials. The results are really stunning and the idea is so simple I thought I had to share it with everyone. Be sure to check out Philippe's portfolio because his work has a lot of interesting angles like the photos shown here.

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Yosbel Buscaron's picture

Excellent video!

Roy Patton's picture

Great Video and very intriguing concept

tonyinthecountry's picture

I think there's something wrong with your links. in the late few days the 'full post' link doesn't work properly. you get a 'not found' message error whe you clik on the 'full post' link written inside the post.

apart from that you are doing kind of a great job here. thank you.

alex's picture

cool although its wax not paint

Patrick Hall's picture

Ah sorry, all fixed

Sean Shimmel's picture

Best guesses for how to best tweak the lighting to avoid glare/flare/ and reflections? The clips changed too quickly for me to observe in detail.

Simon's picture

@Sean : Family of angles and modeling lamp.

Sam's picture

Wow, very creative use of wax... ideas brewing. Amazing that there's no reflections in the glass/plastic. I wonder if he was using a circular polariser or if it was just creative use of lighting angles?

Blargh's picture

Personally, if using the same technique, I'd approach this from a humorous angle, for example making moustaches and beards and other wacky stuff on the plexiglass sheets and shooting a bunch of different people. :P

Donnie Bell Design's picture

Is this a statement on blending beauty and ugliness?...Or did you do it just because it looked cool? Because it does look cool.

Hannes Moser's picture

...great idea !!!! the idea is stuning
the music is awesome ! titel/artist ?

@5d6bb38f5f01ff32c83f5b0fb6c1347a:disqus the thrack is: Roamnce (Max Moroldo vs. Paul & Luke Reloaded Mix), from Lola (mexican) out on Fluxx