Portraits and Projection Mapping in Fashion Photography

We've seen behind the scenes videos of how projection mapping can be used artistically and commercially. Tobias Bjorkgren takes on a slightly different angle and applies the concept to his latest fashion shoot. The use of projection allows him to stand his models in front of varying scenes without having to leave the studio. To see the final images, check out his blog. What do you think of the effect?

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Thanks for featuring me. On this shoot I am portraying the models as two different birds, evening falcon and a pheasant. The Idea with the background is to show the "natural" environment for each bird and give more depth to the concept without being to literal

The Photos are fantastic. I love the picture Fasan as she is trying to take off. Really interesting use projection mapping. How were you able to get the image of the projection and the model with out loosing all of image?

Thanks Vsmittal. first I exposed for the projection and then I added the flash. You need to have a steep angle of the flash so that you don't overexpose the projected image. Otherwise it's really fun and I can see myself trying this approach all over again. 

Cool. thank you for the info! I'm going to have to try this some time. Did it matter how bright your projector was?

Yes the brightness of the projector will affect the image, but that is easy to correct with the shutter speed. I had 1 s shutter on the pheasant and 0,6s shutter for the falcon. Good luck

The annoying thing with fashion is that it has all been done, the hard part is to re invent something... And the results are beautiful!

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These are beautiful! Very well done!