Product Photography: How To Photograph A Beer Advertisement

Photographer Scott Bourke gives us a complete overview of how he took a fantastic product shot of a few bottles of beer. Scott uses a single flash and 4 reflectors to create a very professional looking image that any photographer (no matter how little gear they have) is capable of creating. As I have always said, photography is all about good lighting and good lighting does not mean expensive lighting. Let's hope that Scott is going to enter our BTSV contest.

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so simple, and he took an excelent pic!

this is a good inspiration for the BTS contest

M's picture

Really pro work.  Love it.

Jens Marklund's picture

doesn't look like the cactus triggers have improved much haha, second shot and already misfiring

Scott Bourke's picture

Yeah good old miss fire for the V2s but considering they are the same batteries they came with from 3+ years ago and I have certainly given them a hard life I cant complain about them too much. The Cactus KF36 strobes work rather well too.

nice tutorial for newbies, but i will try it tomorrow

The final pic was really top notch!! simple tools turn out great pics!!

wow simply, creative and an spot on result! great photoshoot! 

Allen Aligam's picture

That is some creative thinking!! talk about making do with what you have! awesome bts!

Wayne Leone's picture

This makes me want to spend the evening taking pictures of objects at home. Great vid and great final image.

Paul Monaghan's picture

nice work and informative video :)

romain VERNEDE's picture

simple but very need a 2K$ light set up....
Thanx for sharing :)

Jaron Schneider's picture

That's sweet! I love product and food photography. Glad this video is getting so many comments. 

Scott Bourke's picture

Wow thanks for all the great comments guys. I will certainly be doing plenty more BTS videos of other product shoots and tackle some interesting subjects.

Awesome video, I might have to try this soon.  Only criticism is why did you use such a crappy beer! :-P

Garrett Graham's picture

great picture very impressed

Henning Nilsen's picture

Great and simple setup. Too bad alcohol advertisement is illegal in my country :P

Louis Rumball's picture

Brilliantly inspiring! Love things like this!

Benjamin T. Watson's picture

Love the fact that he is even using the extra beer to hold up his foam board... Very nice.

Was the final image white foamcore overhead but not on the sides then?  Thanks for sharing!