Ramón Gellida's shoot was so long his model passed out 3 times

In the beginning the project was only for the commercial product (packages/box), I was able to convince the customer to go all the way with advertising in one of the preproduction meetings; at first he was a bit reluctant to include art and finally agreed. I came up with the concept: a red round sofa, a chandelier and some other kind of chair, sofa with some props.

I met with Anna Tazzer (Art Director) and she immediately understood what I had in mind. I am very happy with what she did.

Make up and hair was done by Alejandro Lopez, he is an outstanding artist. I really like his work and enjoy working with him.

Lighting: for the red sofa my key light was a 36x48 softbox on a boom. A small softbox was used as a fill light on the right side, both were Norman IL2500 using a D24R pack. For the background a monolight with a 5" wide angle reflector. On the black sofa only the 36x48 softbox was used.

For the other video (black and white) I used a Broncolor Para 330FB Reflector Umbrella. For the thong it was right behind me and for the accessories in a 45 degree position.

Gear: Canon 5D, 24-70 f/2.8 and 70-200 f/2.8 lenses, Intel MacBook Pro (first generation).   I know, I should update and upgrade!

Model: Florencia Onori. She is from Argentina, a lovely girl! We worked on another project together back in 2008 and get along pretty good.

We were on the studio at 10:00 AM and started shooting around 2:00 PM. The advertising part was finished around 7:00 PM. After the art and props were taken out we began with the commercial product; around 8-9 PM Florencia (the model) fainted, she was back,  we got to work and she fainted again; back to work and she fainted for the third time. We stopped for 3 hours so she could feel better. We ended at 4:00 AM, it was a pretty long call but in the end both the customer and the agency were very happy with the results.
Making of Wonderies - Lingerie from ramón gellida on Vimeo.

Making of Wonderies - Lingerie Accesories from ramón gellida on Vimeo.

View More of Ramón Gellida's work at www.ramongellida.com

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Beach's picture

Good stuff! Great art direction..loved the chandelier on the ground in the chair shot

MK's picture

I like the video, though while the guy in me loves the eye candy, the photographer in me thinks it's very light on technical details.

...and holy crap, that para was huuuge! :-O

Patrick Hall's picture

MK, click on the post and you can read technical info Ramon supplied us with in his own words. Not as good as being in the video but sometimes you don't know what to talk about on camera until the photoshoot is done and you know which images were keepers.