Scott McClellan Blows Up A Kitchen

Tobi, one of our readers, just pointed me to this video. This is a fantastic example of a great concept for a photo shoot. After you check out the video you can see Scott's website here.

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Using a big reflector as a wind machine...very clever! Thank God, i can finally find a purpose for that reflector bigger than i needed i bought for mistake :P

thats freaking cool. Great idea.

Wow, that's pretty amazing!

By the way, just found your blog, gonna subscribe now!

ou pardon
IT is easier nowadays

sooooo... how did he put all the photos together?

what's the process?

nice post. thanks.

I really liked the video. The image deficiently has a Gregory Crewdson flavour to it. Nice job ;)

Very nice production. Love the final results and seeing how it all comes together...

Fair play..Excellent stuff.. Very well done!!