Stefan Segers Outlines an Ad Campaign

Stefan Segers is a commercial photographer from the Netherlands. Although all of his website is in Dutch, he was nice enough to produce a behind the scenes video in English just for Fstoppers. Stefan explains from start to finish how he created the artistic look for the lastest Pajar campaign. I really love this straightforward behind the scenes video because Stefan's approach is pretty simple but very professional in it's final execution.

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Nice Video!

Great video showing a little bit of the final process. Just wondering why didn't you blow the background white during the initial shoot and save some time during post?

Hup Holland :)

Nice to see this BTS Stefan, very nice results as well! Did you do the complete ads / graphic work as well or was that outsourced?

Great to see the whole photo shoot and editing behind the scenes. I also want to know if you completed the ads/graphic work too.

This is great stuff!! Love Fstoppers....

Nice video! Really enjoyed it.


@Roland Hernandez, Blowing-out the background Would Not save time in post.

An ad like this is done in layers. There are several background layers and the the layer with the model. The model needs to be cut out of the background so that the layers behind will show through. Think of it as two prints - the model on the paper and the Canadian flag, etc background. If you put the model print on top of the background print, you can't see the background. But if you cut the model out of the print with a pair of scissors, then place it on top of the background you can. That's what is being done in PS, no need for a pristine 255 background.

Great shots. Good video (adding it to my youtube favorite list). As fStoppers said. Simple and straightforward without all that distracting "flair and glamour" that plague a lot of BTS videos.