Explore the Magic of Chicago with Eric Hines' Latest Timelapse

Chicago based photographer and timelapser Eric Hines returns with a brilliant follow-up to his acclaimed Cityscape Chicago timelapse released over a year ago with the debut of Cityscape Chicago II. His first timelapse won him a Vimeo Staff Pick along with nearly 1 million views and part 2 surely doesn't disappoint. 

Chicago is one of my favourite US cities, and in his latest video Eric does an incredible job of capturing what makes it so special. While the first video was a well executed, fast paced journey through the city, part 2 feels more refined through beautifully balanced compositions and a perfect tempo. The pace of the video finds a nice balance in exploring a large number of areas while still allowing the viewer to absorb all that's going on. Cap all this off with well chosen music, unique vantage points and excellent cinematography and you have a timelapse that feels fresh and manages to surpass the brilliance of the first. 

From the moonrise over the Planetarium, to the chill of winter along the lakeshore, to the fireworks display at the Navy Pier, it's a wonderful ode to an incredible city. 

Be sure to check out Eric's other videos on his Vimeo channel as well as his website

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Best Chicago timelapse I've seen, but the part where the full moon rose over the planetarium really put me over the edge!!