Timelapse Of The Sleepless City Of LA

The group iVideoMaking realsed their latest timelapse TimeLAX 01. Take a couple minutes to enjoy the moving and restless beauty of Los Angeles . "TimeLAX is a time-lapse photography project that shows the Greater Los Angeles area from many angles.The project includes different types of photography such as panoramic, architectural and artistic. We have scouted, tested and selected more than 200 locations that will be presented in a series of videos.
Photography by RalphGM - Edited by RandyFX
Music "Orchestral Inspiration" by Akashic Records - SaReGaMa
saregama-music." Visit iVideoMaking's website to view more of their work.

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Bert McLendon's picture

Just a small town girl, Livin' in a lonely world, She took the midnight train goin' anywhere....  Was I the only one who was singing this song watching this? =P  Cool timelapse!