Easy Cinematic Color Grading With LUTs

Lately, LUTs have become very popular with many people talking about them, why is that? It’s essentially a color preset that you can use in any of your work that easily changes the overall look. You can create your own LUTs or find one of the several premade ones to download from several sources online. If you are looking for a fast and easy way to get a more cinematic color grading in your next video project but not sure how to apply LUTs in your work stay tuned.You can use any editing software but in this video, Sheldon Evans uses Adobe Premiere Pro to show us how he applies LUTs to his overall footage. With different sources for the video clips, Sheldon tweaks the footage to get an evenly base look for a more consistent flow before applying the LUTs to the entire timeline. With LUTs, you can switch between different styles of cinematic looks quickly and easily. It looks like a pretty easy process to do with Sheldon explaining it.

If you are looking to where you can download some pre-made LUTs, Sheldon shares three free ones which you can download right from his site. Just a heads up, you do have to sign up for his newsletter to receive the files. Do you make your own LUTs or are you using some pre-made LUTs for your work?

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Pedram Mirsadeghi's picture

it was so fanctional .. tnq

Lazy Unfun Talentless.

LUT's have a use for sure, if you created them yourself to speed up your workflow and for YOUR style then fair enough, buying other peoples however is just throwing money away and doing yourself a disservice. The editing of the picture is the other 50% of the creative process after taking the picture, to throw someones preset onto YOUR work is just lazy.