1990s "Video Camera Innovations" Promo Goodness Featuring Jean Claude Van Damme

Take a few minutes to experience this spectacular piece of 90s gold featuring Jean Claude Van Damme, or should I say JCVD. Before this ultimate film bad-ass was featured doing epic splits on trucks for Volvo, he was showing us what cameras were capable of in the 90s film industry.

Above the sweet background music, Van Damme boasts, "No way to get the shot? Not a problem. With machines like these we can move the camera in new and even more exciting ways." I'm not sure which part I enjoyed more, the camera whizzing on a line following Van Damme on his black Yamaha bike or that totally magnificent mullet.

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Graham Marley's picture

Is this a subtle announcement of the F-Stoppers Staff Hairstyle Guidelines?

Those early 90s bikes still rang of 80s overtones. That little chopper was ahead of it's time I guess. Looks like it wasn't shooting film however, unless it was a very short roll, 60 seconds or so.

That wouldn't have been as good if he didn't flip his hair back after he puts on the jacket!

Great article :(

Jaron Schneider's picture

Thanks! The video was sent to us via Fstoppers reader TheOpinion.

Then, it is great to have readers in common. :D

Adam Cross's picture

"Above the sweet background music" hahaha :')

What was on the steadicam? It didn't seem to have a magazine, if this was recent footage I would have assumed it was a DSLR shooting video.

cy sawyer's picture

It looked like it was connected to a wireless router lol

Mainly film cameras in those shots and only few video cameras. Cool video though.


David Peterson's picture

wow, they're using an RC helicopter back then with a camera on it!!