Adobe's CEO Deftly Dodges Questions About Unfair Pricing

The Verge and Gizmodo have featured a video found on Youtube that shows Adobe's CEO, Shantanu Narayen, masterfully avoiding answering a very direct question: "How can Adobe justify selling the Creative Suite for $1400 more in Australia than in the United States?" Rather than talking about the pricing of the Creative Suite, Narayen continually deflects to the Creative Cloud.

Now, I love the Creative Cloud. I think it's insanely useful and with the release of the new teams aspect, it rocks even more. However, not everyone may want the Creative Cloud, and watching Narayen deflect away from a question repeatedly just looks straight shady. I understand the desire to not answer the question, but this can't be good for Adobe's image in Australia.

[Via Gizmodo via The Verge]

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Mr. Shantanu Narayen really push me toward cancel my CreativeCloud subscription and use a pirated copy.

David Herlein's picture

Dodge Tool anyone?

^THAT^ was funny!!!!

an a$$hole what to expect?

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Next time a bill collector calls me, I'm just going to tell them about the wonderful features of Creative Cloud!