An Amazing Look into National Geographic's Wildlife Photographers

Over the last 100 years, National Geographic has brought us some of the most iconic and incredible images of wildlife spanning across the globe. Though on rare occasion, we're able to actually see the work that goes into capturing these images. Some of these amazing photos take days, or even weeks to capture. The film posted above is a great look into all the images that National Geographic captures during a migration period for various animals.

Watch as you'll grow a deep hatred towards alligators, and completely fall in love with a family of frustrating cheetahs. While the video is dated a couple years, it still shows the true dedication and passion that these photographers have, to bring you these images of our animal kingdom.


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Bruno Inácio's picture

a big applause to all who make this kind of images possible! 

Tracy Nanthavongsa's picture

That was so amazing!

melissaclse's picture

My dream job.

My dream job!