Amazing Tilt Shift Timelapse Video Taken With A Cell Phone

Believe it or not, the video below was taken with a cell phone. Stu Kennedy from created a really cool timplase video using his Samsung Galaxy S2 cellphone. After filming the video it was edited using Vegas 10 and the tilt shift look was added using After Effects. This video looks better than what a pretty expensive video camera could have shot 5 years ago... and it was shot on a cell phone people!

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Galaxy S2 not G2

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Wow! Amazing. In the film The Social Network, Director David Fincher had the boat race scene use a tilt shift look. The quality is comparable here. Incredible!

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Holy crap, man. That is pretty damn impressive

Thanks FS for featuring my video. I really enjoyed shooting this with the phone. i was overwhelmed with the capability of the Galaxy S2 and wanted to do something cool with it. Thanks for all the nice comments and the feature.

beautiful work

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Awesome Stu! What kind of frame rate or speed were you using?

The camera/phone was at 30fps, so i kept it at that. then reduced the overall time of each clip to 27% of its original time to keep all the clips the same, then just post edit with Vegas to crop to fit.Thanks for the comment

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I stand impressed...thank you for sharing.

Thank you for your nice comment

I guess I'm fuzzy on what exactly constitutes "timelapse." That just looks to be 3-4 times normal speed. Is there some threshold you have to cross for it to be "timelapse" or is anything faster than real-time technically that?

"Denoting the photographic technique of taking a sequence of frames at set intervals to record changes that take place slowly over time. When the frames are shown at normal speed, or in quick succession, the action seems much faster"

That actually isn't what he did at all Lee. Not to say it doesn't look impressive.

The train station party doesn't even look real!! great job. 

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Maybe it's just me but I'm not really impressed with it. Yes it does look amazing for what it is, but I honestly don't see the big deal. 

technology is crazy these days, isn't it?  i've seen some pretty decent video shot from cell phones-- of course none of it was at night or in low-light.  once you have anything less than sunlight the image goes to shit.  who knows though in a couple of years?  technology is changing at an exponential rate.  good job on the video.  i use a fake tilt-shift effect a lot in my videos and love it.

I will try some more "situational shots" over the coming weeks. I agree, alot of camera fail in low light or at night. Thanks for the nice comments

Sorry Stu, i'm still a little confused.. You're using frames from video right, not photo stills?  I think most of the DLSR stuff we see is actually stills from timed remotes right?  So if i just shoot DSLR video at a shutter speed of 30fps i wouldn't have to take a gazillion stills right?  I understand for longer periods of time the stills option would be more viable because of sensor heat and cut off times.

Anyway, really loved it and the results are fantastic. I'm just a little confused on what constitutes a timelapse :)

yeah using frames from video, altho there are apps to do timelapse, ive used more a cheat so to speak by pretty much speeding it up quite a bit.

I know its not "real" time lapse or even "real Tilt shift, but i wanted that effect

Thanks again

Results are what matter and you nailed it..  Real or not.

STOP using my twitter name and picture to link your posts. I don't know what I can do about it, except say stop. I have filed a complaint with Twitter. I hope they can figure out how you're doing this and make you stop.

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what are you talking about Carol?  Are you referring to the comments you are leaving or something else?

Again, please explain..

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The time I spent at crossing waiting for the trains! :D
Fantastic to see Lincoln like this... Especially as the place felt like a tiny model when living there!
I did a timelapse when I was doing my MA there but this is far more interesting, and far more adventurous with the vantage points you used. Especially in the castle with the worker.

Great work, and really impressed with how you have achieved so much in post production.


Thanks Jack, good to see a "local" on here too. Check out for more of my upcoming projects in lincoln. (its such a beautiful place, why not shoot it)


Thank you Stu, that made my lunch break much more enjoyable. And you picked a great soundtrack as well. Although the images are wonderful in themselves, it was emotive drive in the music that "made" the video.

I have put together a "How too...."