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Arev Manoukian Creates Nuit Blanche

One of our forum members recently posted this and I am so glad that he did. Arev Manoukian create "Nuit Blanche" about 9 months ago and I am shocked that I had never seen it. This may very well be my favorite short film of all time. View the incredible finished product below and then the BTS below that.

Nuit Blanche from Spy Films on Vimeo.

Making Of Nuit Blanche from Spy Films on Vimeo.

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This is Dope.

Incredible !

Makes me think of The Third & The Seventh
Video : http://vimeo.com/7809605

BTS : http://vimeo.com/8200251

That was magical! Loved every second of it ;)

Thanks for posting.

Beautiful. Incredibly moving.

Speechless !!

That was COOL!
I was expecting a shard of glass to sneak between their lips just as they kissed at the end to break the surreal moment.

technology made the art possible but didnt create it. Fantastic one of the best shorts I have seen. He had me before the tech stuff came in too..

I absolutely love this one...it is so lyrical!

Beautiful and intense. The music was perfect too. Got to go share this with everyone I know.

Pretty darn sweet, love the time expansion. It reminded me a lot of this film I made five years ago - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cfln1HThSv0

- which has a very similar premise.

Very well done. It was a pleasure to watch. The music was amazingly well chosen too.

Ok this vid totaly blew my mind, this is the most awesome short film i have ever seen. And the BTS was stunning, so visually appealing since they mixed the footage before/after rather than showing of 100h in after effects speed up 100000%

so did anyone else notice at 2:34 of the BTS they added the shadow portion in post. that's pretty cool.

@Reachfor, thought that same thing! Then was pleasantly surprised they had a much better idea :) Anyone got an idea why they used two different plates at 3:15 and blurred the hand in post instead of letting the DOF do the work?

I saw this a couple months ago pop up on Reddit, so simple yet stunning. film noir is so beautiful, I wish more filmmakers did it as well as it was done here.

Staggeringly incredible!

amazing execution.

Amazing execution!

This short film is great. The computer graphics animators did an awesome job. Thanks for sharing!

Just freaking awesome!

Damn, this is perfection!
Thank you so much fstoppers for posting this.
Thanks also to Simon for "The Third & The Seventh"!


Awesome!!!10 stars!

I liked third & the seventh the most but this was awesome aswell.